How do I delete a frequency code?

Frequently Asked QuestionsIf you find you cannot delete a frequency code, then that code is probably attached to a record, if so you will not be able to delete it. Your options are to either go back to the transaction using the code and remove it, or go to the frequency code and modify or change it. Read more about frequency codes.

Training in Pocatello Idaho

healthwest-bldgA view of the on-site training held in Pocatello, Idaho with Health West, Inc.

Jeremy, our Cougar Mountain trainer, visited them to train the business personnel on how to use Cougar Mountain accounting software to best fit their business needs.

4 Reasons You Might Separate Business and Personal Finances


Most people have a personal bank account at a bank or credit union. The purpose of the accounts is to provide typical personal banking needs like checking and savings, debit cards, and ATM access.  When you start your business, you’re faced with the choice. You can use your personal account for your business finances, or establish a separate account. While it is possible to use your personal account when your business is small, it’s best to set up a separate account as soon as possible. Let’s look at four reasons a separate business account makes good financial sense. [Read more...]

Is Cougar Mountain Software a good fit for your organization?

right-fitEvery business is unique and different. Your business may value self-reliance over speed, or appreciate on-line instructions versus talking to a customer care representative. One of the most important aspects of choosing an accounting system for your business is determining the right mix of price, product functionality, additional features, customer service, and security. [Read more...]

What XP’s End-of-Life Could Mean for Your Business

Microsoft’s announcement that they no longer support their Windows XP operating system has many small and medium sized business owners concerned. You may be asking yourself if your older computers are still secure, reliable, and useful, or if they are vulnerable to hackers. You are not alone, as these are the legitimate questions other business owners are asking too.
[Read more...]