Microsoft Gold Level Partnership

microsoft-gold-white-on-blueThis week, Cougar Mountain has been re-certified as a Gold level partner with Microsoft. This is the highest level of Microsoft partnership. As a certified Gold partner, we are endorsed by Microsoft and have a very close working relationship with their company. This demonstrates Cougar Mountain’s high level of industry experience providing services, software, and support for Microsoft technology.

You want to view a report first before printing it?

Frequently Asked QuestionsYou can change the print options setting in module preferences so that a report will always display on screen prior to printing. You need to modify the module preferences settings for printing. Select Options > Set up the Module Preferences from the navigation pane. On the Print Options tab, make sure the Edit check box is checked. This allows you to select from sending the print job to the printer, to a file, or viewing it on the screen. Read more about printing options.

Accounting Software ROI Calculator

What if you could save thousands of dollars each year by simply updating your accounting system?

You spend lots of time and effort chasing your vendors (Purchase Order), counting your inventory (Inventory), paying your employees (Payroll), or sending out customer statements (Accounts Receivable), right? So if you could cut the time you spent working these various tasks, how much money would you save?

We suggest you take a look at our Accounting Software ROI Calculator. The calculator will help you understand how spending $2,000 – $5,000 on accounting software is likely to save you huge amounts of money over the span of a year, or 5 years.

Go to the page, enter the amounts you figure you currently spend, and click the calculate button – you just may be surprised!

I am unable to generate recurring purchase orders?

Frequently Asked QuestionsIf you know a recurring purchase order exists, but are unable to generate it, what do I do? You might not have rights to generate other buyers’ orders. You can verify this by selecting Options > Set Up Buyer Security from the navigation pane. On the General Options tab, verify that the Generate only my recurring purchase orders check box is unchecked. If it isn’t, check with your manager or if authorized, uncheck it and continue with your task. Read more about recurring purchase orders.

How do I delete a frequency code?

Frequently Asked QuestionsIf you find you cannot delete a frequency code, then that code is probably attached to a record, if so you will not be able to delete it. Your options are to either go back to the transaction using the code and remove it, or go to the frequency code and modify or change it. Read more about frequency codes.