Nonprofit Client Survey

To determine whether Denali is a good fit for you and your organization, please take this 20 question survey.

1. Fiscal Calendar Management – We have had rough year end closes or spend time rushing to get information to or from our accounting firm.


2. Security – Concern about potentially fraudulent activity because we do not have the ability to lock down important financial information.


3. General Ledger – We spend a lot of time and energy entering a lot of data manually into excel to get the level of detail we need.


4. General Ledger – We not able to track the actual fund number or identifier and this causes a lot of extra work to identify where exactly expenses were applied.


5. General Ledger – We spend a lot of time manually compiling information because we cannot get accounts to print out of sequence.


6. General Ledger – We have not been able to setup automatic allocations by percentage or dollar amount requiring us to manually calculate in excel and then make journal entries; sometimes resulting in errors but always taking a lot of time.


7. General Ledger – We must spend a lot of time developing custom reports because we have not been able to output specific reports to various formats for our board members or upper management in views they prefer to see.


8. General Ledger – We have no way to group our accounts together for reporting purposes if they are not in a range. This results in an export to some sort of spreadsheet and regroup and recalculate leaving a lot of room for human error.


9. General Ledger – We risk forgetting to reverse an entry and losing track of the money.


10. Accounts Payable – We spend time doing manual allocations in a spread sheet taking time to track down the actual data and percentages with the risk of human error and bad information.


11. Accounts Payable – We spend time and risk human error because we do monthly journal entries to take care of expense allocations for annual expenses that are paid upfront.


12. Accounts Payable – We risk going over budget accidentally by paying out of the wrong fund or maybe just paying a legitimate expense without the budget to cover it.


13. Bank Reconciliation – We spend time tracking down original information to do a simple void. At times we have to manually recreate and reverse transactions. This takes time and is evidence that our audit trail is not secure. When we do a reconciliation, our software flushes the detailed data so we cannot research beyond 30 – 90 days.


14. Bank Reconciliation – We struggle to balance every month and waste countless hours comparing paper to the electronic bank account. We are also concerned that we have no control over the electronic clearing process.


15. Payroll – We spend a lot of money on outsourcing payroll for fear it is too complicated or will just take too much time. We are concerned about keeping up with tax payments and filings.


16. Payroll – We spend time doing payroll allocations manually in a spread sheet requiring a huge time commitment leaving little to no time for other more important projects.


17. Payroll – We spend time and risk errors by tracking benefits and tax allocations manually and then process a journal entry.


18. Purchase Orders – We either don’t have or we are handwriting a requisition then placing it in an “In-Box” for our supervisor to sign off on. We sometimes are then hand-writing a purchase order or re-entering the information into our purchasing software. This resulted in lost requests, inaccurate purchase orders and a lot of time tracking things down.


19. Purchase Orders – We are tracking things manually and losing a lot of time. We are hoping to find something that would send an email once a PO or Requisition was entered that we could approve without having to track it manually.


20. Business Intelligence – Our organization uses a spread sheet to manually produce reports and then distributes them to decision makers and board members. This resulted in lost time and potential errors in the reporting process. We would like a solution that would allow us to e-mail reports in a graphical format to our board members with little effort.


21. How much time or money have the most important deficiencies cost you in the last 12 months?

22. How much time or money would you gain if you fixed these issues in the next 12 months?

23. Expected ROI on software investment?