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An accounting backbone to build your entire business around. Advanced functionality that learns & grows the more you use it.

Packages & Pricing

Best for people just starting a business or nonprofit, who are moving past the more simple spreadsheets and quickbooks.
Installation, support, and training services available.
Best for established companies and nonprofits that are climbing the ladder of success, who strive for optimal performance.
Installation, support, and training services available.
Best for high performing organizations that are trying to achieve their peak. Easily handle multiple locations and high volumes.
Installation, support, and training services available.
Over 61% of Cougar Mountain Software customers use our products in excess of 16 years.
  • “I’ve been using Cougar Mountain Software for over 25 years. When I think about the reasons, there are several. However, I’ve enjoyed working with the team at Cougar Mountain Software the most. I cannot say enough good things about how their team takes care of my needs. The Denali Accounting Software keeps my business going and is super easy to use.”

    Sharon S.

  • “I started using Cougar Mountain Software’s solutions in the early 1990’s. While we have looked at other software solutions, only the Denali Accounting Software was able to dramatically lower the CPA costs for our company due to the strength of the software. The best part is that when I do call, the Cougar Mountain Software team knows who I am.”

    Jean N.

  • “Cougar Mountain Software’s team understands what it’s like to be a growing business. Denali gives me all the tools I need to make better business decisions. I specifically enjoy the flexibility of the Denali Accounting Software and the fact I can always watch my company’s financial health.”


Cougar Mountain Software develops leading on-premises accounting solutions. Our hallmark software, DENALI, is specifically designed to scale to clients’ needs while maintaining an unbreakable audit trail.

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