Words of Praise

Read what Cougar Mountain customers say about Denali, our service, and our training!


Truly Kicks Butt

Mark R., Manager

We use Cougar Mountain Software to process our nationwide payroll clients for the past year and absolutely love the ease of use and speed this software has given us. Truly kicks butt over any Sage product out there. We are a client for life!

Reports That Make Sense

Mary P., Manager

With Denali FUND we are able to export into files that import easily into Excel and then we can produce reports that make sense for our municipality. The support has been fantastic. From implementation to ongoing use, all we have to do is call for help.

Open to Feedback

Kim T., Admin

We have used Cougar Mountain for many years and Denali FUND since its inception. Cougar Mountain is very open to feedback and suggested improvements. Their customer support is terrific! We get full functionality for our small town government office at a cost we can afford.

Best Value

David S., Owner

Best value in accounting software I have ever seen. It can be tailored to fit nearly any need. With Denali I can get the Custom Modifications I need for some of my special needs. Right out of the box it has so many customizable options you can not imagine what all it can do. If you can not find a way, just call. They can and will find a way to fit everything you need.

Protection From Fraud

Natalie H., Accountant

The software has functions that protect the company from fraud. It is very detailed and the history is easy to look back.

Track Grant Funds

John C., Manager

The ability to track grant funds – multiple levels in accounts, reporting etc – 30,000 foot view or in the weeds! Our organization has federal grants, private grants, corporate sponsorships, etc., all with different reporting requirements and budgets. We also have 7 locations and Denali Fund is able to track by the funding sources and locations.

User Friendly

Lisa N., Legal

The only module our firm uses is the payroll program and it is very user friendly.

Beyond Awesome

Cindy B., President

The customer service is beyond awesome. Not only are they extremely knowledgeable, they are eager to help learn the product and use it to its full capabilities for your application. I could not recommend them more highly!

Excellent Payroll

Josh J., Manager

Excellent Payroll System For Our Non Profit! We were really excited to get started with growing our non profit but quickly became weary of the accounting requirements when paying individuals. It’s been an amazing growth step in our organization.

Recommend Highly


Another Best. For a combination of software, customer support, and account executive representation. Highly Recommended. Best customer service. Easy to work with and manages inventory access at any level.


Carla P., Manager

The tech support people at Cougar Mountain are terrific! I have always had a positive experience with them. Most recently, I had to have Denali reinstalled after a virus forced us to wipe the hard drive on my computer. The response to my situation was very timely and Matt even offered to call our tech guy directly to make the reinstall as quick as possible.

I Learned So Much

Sonia S., Manager

I learned so much in the Road Show [Cougar Mountain’s Regional Training], more than I even thought existed. Kevin was a great instructor and kept the whole class alert and laughing.

Time Saving Features

Dennis M., Owner

The flexibility and options this software has that other software companies do not is found in the automation. It makes spending more time away from the office a reality. At Laboratory Specialists we plan on sticking with Cougar Mountain for a long time because of the automation, flexibility, and time-saving features it offered our team.

Feature-Rich Modules

Tina L., Owner

The feature-rich modules available in Cougar Mountain remain competitively priced, while offering opportunities to customize to better fit your company needs. We rely on Cougar Mountain’s serialized inventory capability for tracking our appliances by serial number.

Best Software

Mary M., Owner

Cougar Mountain is the comprehensive, professional software I was looking for to assist me in my daily efforts. Working in the accounting industry, I have the opportunity to test a lot of the accounting packages on the market due to each customer having their own accounting software and find Cougar Mountain to be the best software on the market. If it were my choice I would not use any other software.

We Are Very Happy

SR, Manager

We have gone live with our (FUND Revenue) system and have performed a number of Order Entry and Accounts Payable transactions. So far, everything is working perfect! Everyone here that is using the program is surprised at how easy it is to use. So we are very happy. Just wanted to thank you and the rest of the team there for a successful launch. Tech support has been phenomenal!

Making a Difference

Elaine C., Office Manager

Having a close relationship with your accounting software vendor is immensely important for a small business like ours. We don’t have an IT staff or someone else in the business that could take this problem on. Cougar Mountain Software was the partner we needed and in a crisis like this (accounting server crash), it’s the small things that can make a big difference.

Enables Us To Grow

Bill M., Owner

At the time we were a very small company with about 8 to 10 employees when first purchasing Cougar Mountain. Cougar Mountain has enabled us to grow. We now have 45 employees. Their software has been instrumental in keeping things in order for our business.

Simple to Use

Christine C., Owner

Cougar Mountain Software is simple to use and the support is phenomenal. With a program like Quickbooks you don’t have support. If you don’t have support it’s worth nothing… I started from scratch installing a new Cougar Mountain Software system in 1990 and stayed with it ever since. It is a good relationship.