Denali Fund

Keep track of everything that comes into your system and stay transparent with your accounts.

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  • Denali-BIF_Financial-Dashboards
  • Denali-BIF_Financial-Dashboards

Absolute Transparency

Denali Fund is designed as a bespoke solution for non-profit organizations that are trying to stay on top of their fund accounting, such as federal grants, private grants and corporate sponsorships.

Save Money with smart Denali combos


  • Tamper-proof Audit Trail
  • General Ledger Module [GL]
  • Bank Reconciliation Module [BR]
  • Accounts Payable Module [AP]
  • Crystal Reports [CR]
  • Controller Module [CT]
  • Software Assurance (1st Year)


  • Payroll Module [PR]
  • Aatrix Tax Forms


  • Accounts Receivable Module [AR]
  • Purchase Order Module [PO]

Simple and Easy

With fluid and easy-to-use interfaces, the Denali suite of accounting solutions is tempting to use and simple to navigate.

  • Denali-BIF_Financial-Dashboards
  • Denali-BIF_Financial-Dashboards

Reliable Fund Management


True Fund

Have all your funds tracked and accounted for at all times, with no gaps, ensuring absolute reliability.



Create custom reports that let you dice and slice the data any way your business needs.



Achieve complete reliability and transparency through comrehensive GAAP and FASB compliance.



The solution lets you add or subtract modules as your business scales, helping you stay nimble.



Keep track of all encumberances in your non-profit, so that none of your funds go unaccounted for.



Unparalleled customer support that caters to the particular challenges of your business.

Perfectly crafted for Non-Profits


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Pre-Sales FAQ

How often are updates released?
Denali has approximately one update released per quarter.
How is support billed?
There is a 10-minute minimum and then after the first 10 minutes, time is billed in one-minute increments.
How does it work when you call for support?

When you call for support, you will provide your company or support number and we will open a ticket/case. You will need to provide the area of the program you need help with and your contact information. You will receive a call back in the order the call was received. Typical call back time is within an hour—this varies based on call volume and time of year.

Do you offer data conversion?

Yes, custom quotes for data conversion require a meeting with one of our conversion specialists. Once this meeting is complete we will provide you with a custom statement of work.

How do modules integrate?
Modules integrate in a variety of ways or not at all, and integration can be set up to best suit your needs. A brief conversation with a trainer can determine what will work best for you.
How much does Denali cost?
Pricing varies based on your specific needs. Please contact an account executive at 1-800-388-3038 and we will create a custom quote for you.
How do you track users?
On-Premise users are tracked by simultaneous logins. Once the maximum number of users is reached it will make the next login wait. Cloud option is tracked by named user.
How does Denali compare to QuickBooks?
There are many differences between Denali and QuickBooks. Some of the primary reasons our clients upgrade from a program like QuickBooks is the security provided in our audit trail, flexibility in reporting, and open data structure.
Can I try Denali before I buy it?
Yes, you can sign up for a 60-day trial and get 2 hours of training and 2 hours of support. This gives you a chance to get used to the way Denali works and see for yourself all the great features Denali has to offer.
Do you help with installation and setup?
Yes, we have an onboarding process that guides you through installation, setup, training, and any custom reports you need.
Can I purchase only one module?
Yes, however, some modules work much better when they integrate with other modules. Payroll, General Ledger, Bank Reconciliation, Accounts Receivable, and Accounts Payable can all work independently as stand-alone modules. Purchase Order can be purchased separately but there would be no Lookups for Inventory or Accounts Payable. Order Entry is much more beneficial with Inventory and Accounts Receivable. Job Cost requires Order Entry.
Do you offer an in-house payroll solution?
Yes, Denali Payroll is the perfect in-house payroll solution that handles multiple pay rates, tracks benefits—even across multiple states.
How much training is required for Denali?
A minimum for any order is 8 hours, but we recommend between 16 to 24 hours. This can include online personal training, three days of on-site training, or a combination of the two based on your needs.
What type of training do you offer?
We have a variety of training options, these include: on-site at your office, personal online training, recorded training videos, regional training in various cities across the country, and classroom training at our office in Boise, Idaho.

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