Hand-pick your Nonprofit accounting software. A complete Guide.

Running a Nonprofit is different from managing a conventional business. Likewise, Nonprofit accounting is different from for-profit accounting. Managing unique revenue streams such as donations, membership dues, program revenues, grants, and investment income needs software capable of recognizing and accounting for it. In addition, an accounting solution that provides the highest levels of transparency and accountability is necessary to help your Nonprofit organization make reliable, strategic decisions and avoid violating the public’s trust.

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Although the concept of digital transformation is an important change all businesses are trying to adopt right now, innovation in the financial sector is a whole different argument. The need for innovation in the financial sector, and the urgency of the case has reached saturation by the advent of digital transformation. The recent pandemic has only highlighted how much more urgency we should be putting into the matter

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Automation in Revenue Recognition: the advantages of automating resource intensive processes

Ever since the IT growth almost 20 years ago, there have been so many new technologies that have transformed the way the world works. Businesses around the world have been transformed by technical enhancements.  There’s a huge assortment of office productivity tools that have completely transformed the way we look at commerce. Communication tools based on VoIP services, workflow and automation tools and advanced payroll softwares, have all impacted how efficiently and how easily we run payment processes.  The rise of such tech has not only brought the world closer where clients and stakeholders are easier to connect, it has also helped streamline businesses and standardize processes, effectively enhancing revenue generated, positively impacting bottom line.

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5 reasons you should be migrating to Cloud Accounting

Cloud Technology is omnipresent now and its expansion is as wide as the sky (excuse the pun). Businesses across the world have migrated their systems to the cloud in an effort to become a part of the information super network that cloud offers. With cloud it’s no longer necessary for you to maintain a physical server where you store all your data and run all your enterprise software – all that data can be saved on cloud servers in remote locations and accessed virtually instantly from anywhere you are, absolutely hassle-free. That is the magic of the cloud.

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5 invoicing tips to start your day in office.


Properly invoicing your customers to avoid late payments or missed payments is an essential task that determines your business’s financial stability.  Setting up a professional invoicing system also helps you be on top of your accounting for payables and receivables. Choosing a Modern day accounting software that comes with built-in invoicing capabilities can solve your payment problems. On the other hand, there’s nothing more frustrating than delayed payments for a business, but with these five invoicing tips will put money in your bank account.

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Reimagining the future of Financial Accounting

Any major changes or revolutions in the Financial Accounting area have been done with deliberate consideration, and no major changes have been made in isolated pockets. With the onset of Digital Transformation, it has become increasingly important for this field to adapt to the changing times as well.

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3 Accounting Trends in 2021 You Should Be Prepared For

Technology and automation are revolutionizing every industry, and the accounting and finance industry is no exception. Technology has changed how businesses do invoices, manage receipts, enter data, and completely transformed the old ways of manual bookkeeping. With these technologies, now the accountants not only balance the books but also assist the business owners with financial difficulties, cash flows, and taxes.

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Intuitive Financial Management is the Future of Accounting

Most organizations across the world know that technology is key to business success. Yet several organizations have not adopted technology as part of their accounting processes. Organizations that have invested in tech have significantly been able to see a growth in revenue as compared to SMB organizations that have not made any tech adoption in accounting.

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