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The Essential Nonprofit Software Toolkit

The Essential Nonprofit Software Toolkit

You want your organization to be cutting-edge, but your board might be hesitant to shell out cash for every new piece of software hitting the market. These days you can automate nearly any accounting task if you have the resources, but how do you know which technology to adopt? At the core of this dilemma are three critical needs that all nonprofits must address—raising money, monitoring results, and keeping track of your funds. These three processes deserve the best software to help your cause.

How to Survive Your Next Audit

How to Survive Your Next Audit

While state laws vary, it’s likely your nonprofit organization will come up against an audit. Whether it’s an audit by the IRS or an independent audit, it’s going to take time and money away from your cause and distract you from your mission. Audits don’t have to be a stressful experience. With a few key tips, you can lower the stress level in the office, and get back to the work you love. Here are four tips to make the audit experience easier for you and your organization.

Challenges Nonprofits Face

3 Challenges Facing Nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations have unique challenges they have to face in today’s world. Everything from donor retention to keeping track of all the funds coming and going from your organization can be tricky. As a leader in your nonprofit, you are often the one to face these challenges and are responsible for successfully overcoming them.

Here are three common challenges nonprofit leaders face today.

GAAP accounting

The Importance of GAAP Accounting for Nonprofits

Your nonprofit organization adds some good to this world. You, your employees, your volunteers, and those your organization serves, all know how much good your organization does. They know where your revenue goes and they trust you will continue to use it wisely. But what about potential donors, grantors, and certain governing bodies? How do you present your organization’s financial information to them?

Your Nonprofit Could Be Susceptible to Fraud

Your Nonprofit Could Be Susceptible to Fraud

Your nonprofit organization means everything to you. The work you do matters and as a leader of your nonprofit, it’s your fiduciary responsibility to make a choice that will keep your nonprofit out of the hands of fraud. But you can only continue your work if you have money to support it. How do you manage the money your nonprofit receives, but still keep it safe from embezzlement?

Denali Online Training

Denali Online Training

We now offer training online! Instead of having to travel to one of our on-site regional trainings, you can purchase one of our prerecorded module-specific videos to view at your convenience!

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3 Key Features of Denali Business Intelligence

A challenge for any business or nonprofit organization is the ability to analyze data from multiple sources and transform it into meaningful information. Business Intelligence (BI), analyzes the data for you and creates reports, graphs, charts, and other visual aids to give you further insight into your organization’s performance. A step up from simple dashboards of years past, BI software offers drill down options, forecasting, trends, and alerts that truly help you plan for the future.