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What is a Restricted Grant and How to Handle It? – A Nonprofit Guide


The restricted grants in Nonprofits are the reserved funds designated by donors to be utilized only for specific purposes. The purpose and the time to use the funds are determined by the donor, giving them assurance their gifted money is being used as they wish. If you donate money to a Nonprofit today and want that money to be used for a particular event next year, the organization records your donation as a restricted fund in their books.

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Hand-pick your Nonprofit accounting software. A complete Guide.

Running a Nonprofit is different from managing a conventional business. Likewise, Nonprofit accounting is different from for-profit accounting. Managing unique revenue streams such as donations, membership dues, program revenues, grants, and investment income needs software capable of recognizing and accounting for it. In addition, an accounting solution that provides the highest levels of transparency and accountability is necessary to help your Nonprofit organization make reliable, strategic decisions and avoid violating the public’s trust.

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