7 things to follow to be a successful self-employed CPA


Small business that operates on minimal budgets cannot fit a full time professional into their pay checks. So they outsource their works to freelancers and independent professionals and see this as an effective means of cost-cutting. This has created greater opportunities for individuals to start up their own freelance adventure and accountants are one among them. Independent accountants can help individuals and small business with their bookkeeping and taxes by fixing hourly rates and acquire many number of clients according to your time and potential.

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In the life of an accountant, manual data entry is a time killer. We could talk about Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a solution to run the books. But in reality, it’s easier said than done. Regardless of AI or Machine learning, data still has to be fed into the system.

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Remote Accounting – 5 tips to be productive.

Remote Accounting - 5 tips to be productive.

Businesses around the world are working remotely, and accounting professionals are no exceptions. From preparing financial statements to auditing and accounting taxes for business, you accountants are the financial experts who help a business thrive. So if you’re a professional accounting working remotely, here are the five easy and simple tips that can help you stay productive.

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Choosing Your Payroll Software – Things to Watch Out For.

Choosing Your Payroll Software

Any business that employees people will need a system in place to ease through the payroll process. You can either choose to do it yourself or outsource the work to a bookkeeper. If you decide to do it in-house, you need payroll software to do it more efficiently. You are here, so we assume you are doing it yourself and looking to purchase your payroll software.  Here are the things you should know and consider before you make your decision.

Before you start the search for your payroll software, you should be familiar with the following things.

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The Advantages Of File Sharing For Your Organization

If you’re not already familiar, file sharing platforms are a great tool for speeding up tasks and facilitating smooth collaboration. However, the only way file sharing and cloud storage tools works is if everyone on your team knows how to use them. Instead of making them a jumble of randomly named files and folders, you should agree on a structure and process that is easy to use and make it easy for everyone on your team to find and use your files.

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How Customer Portals Grow Customer Loyalty

Customer portals are best known for helping business owners improve their customer relationships and increase efficiency and cash flow. The customer portal enables companies to build transparent relationships with their customers by minimizing the need for phone calls and letting customers see progress and status in real time.

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How Digital Signatures Speed Up The Signing Process

In today’s hyper-connected world, traditional methods of signing and authenticating documents are increasingly being replaced by electronic signatures, sometimes referred to as digital signatures. Digital signatures work by proving that a digital message or document has not been altered since it was signed. Electronic and digital signatures are so advanced that they can be authenticated in seconds, not hours or even days, and that is not all.

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How Stronger Passwords Protect Your Business

Your business is always susceptible to threats whether it’s an external threat or an internal one. On top of that, if someone gains access to your accounts, there’s no stopping what they can do. The problem you need to be aware of is how to strengthen your security to avoid losing everything you’ve worked so hard to create. 

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What You Need To Know About Writing A Contract

Writing a contract doesn’t necessarily mean you need to have a legal degree. Rather, all you need is a firm knowledge on how to cover all your bases so you and your business aren’t taken advantage of. In this article, we’ll take a firm look at what is an essential part of a written contract and what are some of the important clauses that each contract must contain. A legally binding contract is a contract between you and your customer, so it’s important you take the proper measures to secure your negotiations and enact specific guidelines.

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