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Every church has unique accounting needs. Cougar Mountain’s Denali FUND, a church accounting system keeps it simple to make all the math work easy for you.

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Embrace Our Church Financial Software for Effective
Record Keeping

Our easy-to-use setup and detailed categorization help you keep track of church expenses accurately. Stay informed about incoming funds and manage costs at your fingertips. Streamline your financial records and make informed decisions about fund allocations.

Common Features of Church Accounting Software

Easy tracking and payment of bills

Track the status of invoices and closely coordinate the payment of bills. Process the funds, print checks, and do a lot more through Denali Fund.

Integrated payroll

Track the donations received and categorize the contributions. Have better control over the incoming funds and ensure those are utilized judiciously.

True Fund accounting

Track and report designated assets. Get an understanding of how well you are utilizing your financial resources efficiently.

Quickly generate financial reports

Generate detailed reports for each financial category. Use the account segments and tag filters for granular reporting of data.

Quicker donation tracking

Handle payments for pastors and tax overheads using Denali. Customize the amount to be added/deducted on the payroll through our church accounting software.

A Simple and Easy-to-use Interface to Track Everything That Comes Into Your Account. Make Your Accounting Transparent

Better Tracking

Effortlessly track expenses and payments of bills to stay on top of fund utilization.

Improved Accuracy

Maintain an accurate record of the amount that has been spent and allocated. Obtain detailed finance-related reports at a single click.

Enhanced Security

Provide role-based access to users to limit data exposure and secure financial information.

Watch This Video to Get an Idea on Tracking Donations and Preparing Individualized Reports on Different Incoming Funds With Denali Fund

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