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What Every Board Member Needs to Know About Nonprofit Accounting

What Board Members Need to Know

Justifying the price tag on nonprofit accounting software probably isn’t easy for you as a board member. Because financial resources are often tight, your focus might be to spend money on advancing your organization’s mission and not on its accounting needs. Besides, accounting software is often free, so why spend money you don’t have to, right?

While the price might be difficult to overlook, a good accounting software can arm your organization head to toe with better security, reporting, and fund management. Without it, you’re leaving your financials susceptible to error and errors aren’t easily overlooked by those funding your nonprofit.

As a board member, you have an important role guiding your organization, but you might not be aware of the unique problems nonprofits face when it comes to accounting. Setting your nonprofit up for success begins with properly maintaining the finances, so here are a few reasons why nonprofit accounting software is so important.

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How your nonprofit can find a rockstar accountant

How your nonprofit can find a rockstar accountant

As we gear up for one of the most stressful times of the year for personal and business finance, one of the last things we want to worry about is whether the accounting professional that we’ve put our nonprofit’s faith into will be able to deliver on their promises.

Especially for smaller organizations who may be looking for an external partner to ensure compliance with IRS regulations as well as properly stewarding their donors in a new environment around charitable deductions, finding the right nonprofit accounting specialist is vital to long term growth.

Where can your organization start their search for an accounting professional who can help chart the path to growing your mission’s capacity? Let’s unpack a few strategies to help guide your organization through this common issue.

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