There are over 1.5 million nonprofits in the U.S. alone. Yet, the success rate for a nonprofit is typically low. Like with any business, there are many factors at play working against you. Oftentimes, it’s due to a lack of vision, a lack of trust from donors, and not having enough well-established relationships with clients. All great nonprofits have had to overcome these adversities.

That’s why conferences are vital for growing nonprofits. They’re a place where you can get advice from other nonprofits who face similar issues. They give you a chance to network more with other causes. You can find nonprofits like your own to exchange ideas with and hopefully increase your passion to change the world.

However, attending every conference would be expensive and nearly impossible. You need to know which ones are the most important in guiding your nonprofit in the right direction. So, we compiled a list of the three conferences your organization can’t afford to miss in 2019. We also added some places you should visit to keep you entertained if you happen to catch a break.

So, let’s begin.

NTEN – Portland, Oregon, March 13-15

The Nonprofit Technology Enterprise Network (NTEN) conference, one of the largest, explores multiple categories within the nonprofit industry. Six categories encompass this conference.

  • Changing the way you work to make it more impactful on the future
  • Securing your data from cyber attacks and fake news
  • Changing the nonprofit and tech sectors
  • Focusing your cause on your community rather than on boards and funders
  • Creating the world you want in your organization
  • Learning more about how net neutrality, copyright laws, and PCI compliance can affect your nonprofit

This one covers a lot of ground. For a young nonprofit trying to gather as much information as possible, this one is a can’t miss. A host of other nonprofits will be there. You’ll be able to interact with causes similar to your own. You can obtain more information on what benefits their nonprofit. With so many categories, you’re bound to find something that helps your organization grow.

Place of Interest: A few minutes away, across the Willamette River sits Voodoo Donuts, Portland’s premiere donut shop. There, you can find an assortment of eclectic doughnuts that you won’t find anywhere else in the Northwest.

2019 Bridge Conference – National Harbor, Maryland, July 10-12

The 2019 Bridge Conference focuses on fundraising techniques and marketing campaigns that can benefit nonprofit organizations. Over two thousand of the brightest, most creative minds from every sector will be there and the conference will feature workshops, panels, and networking events. It’s a great hands-on approach to interacting with the nonprofit community.

Experienced speakers will talk about new ideas, strategies, techniques, proven methods, and innovations that can help nonprofits maximize their donor fundraising.

Place of Interest: Sitting on the harbor of the Potomac River is The Capital Wheel, a large Ferris wheel on the outskirts of Washington D.C. From the wheel you can see some of our nation’s history including the Washington Monument, the Masonic Temple, and the National Cathedral.

NIO Summit – Denver, Colorado, September 24-25

The Nonprofit Innovation & Optimization (NIO) Summit hosts leading experts in the field of marketing to talk about digital innovations that can help boost your fundraising efforts. The speakers come from all over the globe to challenge, entertain, and bring fresh new ideas to you and your organization.

With about 400 fundraisers and marketers, you can build a wider range of connections outside of your community. You can meet with other nonprofit marketers in order to gain innovative solutions and strategies for increasing your revenue.

Place of Interest: In the historical district sits Larimer Square on one of the oldest streets in Denver. Lined along the Victorian brownstones is an entertainment district with restaurants, boutiques, and clothing stores. It’s only a few minutes away so take some time to enjoy yourself!

Now that you have the list, be sure to put these dates on your calendar. With the number of nonprofits that will be there, you’re bound to find what you need and more.

Good luck and we hope to see you there!

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