Manage customers’ water consumption effortlessly

Know the litres consumed per consumption, billing rate, and payment status on a single interface

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Real-time visibility on the financial position of your water district. Forecast and prioritize the financial needs

From accounts receivable to pending vendor payment, get the insights you need to strengthen the finances of your water district.

Common Features of Water District Accounting Software

Auto Calculation of Bills

The bill amount gets automatically calculated, which is proportionate to the liters consumed. Alerts you when the consumer’s water usage exceeds the allocated limit.

Usage Tracking & Payment

Tracks the usage pattern of every connection. Get the insights you need to decide on whether to increase/decrease the daily allocation limit. Generate report on who has paid what and what was their consumption.

Custom Bill Printing

Customize the bill according to the region, zone, or on any basis. You can even custom-format the bill at the time of printing.

A Simple Accounting Software to Bill Your
Customers and Partners Customize the Bill With Your Logo

Improved Customer Satisfaction

When you are straightforward in billing the connection only for the consumption unit recorded as the system, you send a message that you are transparent. This brings in customer satisfaction.

Less Time & Effort

No physical. Less manual effort. Since everything is automated, you save big on time and capture every date in a single interface.

Flexible system

Depending on the areas you cover and the requirements to capture, you can enhance the capability by adding new modules, and grant role-based access to each module.

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