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Have better control of your inventory and never fall short of best-selling hookahs, cigars, vapes, and other essential goods with Cougar Mountain’s accounting software empowered by Denali Business.

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Have Real-Time Data at Your Fingertips. Make Informed Decisions to Back Your Business at All Times

Generate analytical reports, guard your end-to-end billing processes, scan data reporting, and do much more with our cloud-based tobacco store accounting software.

Common Features of Tobacco Store Accounting Software

Scan Data Reporting

Derive intuitive insights and meaningful data through comprehensive reports. Analyze industry trends and manage inventory for better sales.

Custom Barcodes

Expedite billing cycles with custom barcodes. Directly link the barcode to products, generate automated invoices, and have better track of your inventory.

Age Verification

Deal with the legitimate needs of your tobacco store with the help of our tobacco store accounting software. Explore the age verification feature to comply with regulations.

An Easy-to-Use System That Gives Complete Visibility on the Stock Levels

Highly secured system


Make use of the features of our cloud-based accounting software effectively. Search for the required product details and obtain critical information to support inventory and sales.

Flexibility and Scalability

Add or remove modules and features based on the varying needs of your business. Denali Business also accommodates an increase/decrease in the number of users.

Improved Security

Denali Business comes with a secure audit trail that allows you to check the details about who and what kind of sensitive data was handled.

Get to know how our accounting software can support you in making informed decisions and earning the competitive edge

Expert Tips to Get Your Tobacco Store Accounting Done Right

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