Reduce Administration Overhead and Deliver
Better Social Services!

Optimize your funds and resources, create several programs that can take care of the most vulnerable in society.

Common Features of Social Services Accounting Software

Accurate Bookkeeping

Maintain precise track of fund transfers, easily customize report categories, and reconcile bank accounts with ease.

Have Contacts and Statements in Fingertips

Easily track your contacts and fund providers. Keep track of obligations or delays in payment. Handle member information and email account statement details for better communication.

Improved Budgeting

Get support to develop a customized budget or to modify your existing budget based on business requirements. Proactively set budget goals and conduct a comparative analysis of existing to the actual budget.

Track Donors and Volunteers

Track funds contributed by donors. Calculate volunteer hours. Report efforts categorized based on volunteers or events conducted.

With Automated Workflows, You Set High Standards for Your Accounting

Key insights on your financial position

Operate Efficiently

Ease workflows with automated and intelligent forms. Streamline billing and invoicing with scheduling tools.

Get Intuitive Insights

Use interactive dashboards, report templates, and options to customize reports. Obtain intuitive insights to understand critical financial data better.

Engage with your Clients

Allow your donors/clients to participate in providing care. Bring transparency, accountability, and trust into your social service organization.

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