Flexible Accounting Software to Meet the Growing Needs of the Museum

Remove the overheads and tailor invoices for specific customers with Denali Business, an accounting software by Cougar Mountain, exclusively built for museums.

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A Unified Interface to Track the Revenues From Multiple Sources—Tickets, Shop Purchases, Donations, and Memberships. Easy to Adapt to Your Needs

Automate all your accounting tasks and can count on data accuracy. There are automated reports to give you insights on key accounting metrics. Get access to all those with Denali Business, a Cougar Mountain’s product.

Common Features of Museum Store Accounting Software

User-based controls

The power in your hands! Decide who will see what, what they will see, and whom to be restricted from accessing those by setting up role-based controls.

Industry defining Audit trail

The software will execute a well-structured audit trail to assess the risk of fraud in your accounts or capture any fraudulent transactions. This way, your accounting stays compliant with local/federal statutes.

Track & monitor revenue sources

Be informed about the revenue sources. A single interface to capture and track all the revenue sources—donations, memberships, tickets, and shop purchases.

Dashboard & Reports

Access a variety of pre-defined reports. Users can generate user-defined reports to derive insights needed for their role. An all-in-one dashboard with key numbers that provides drilled-down insights.

Get Access to Real-Time Financial Data and Optimize
Your Business Decisions on the Go

Never miss out on business opportunities

Better control over budget

With clear visibility on the revenue, expenses and other metrics, you will have better control over your financials. Managers get notified when the actual spend exceeds the ear-marked budget.

Know your financials anytime, anywhere

Since the platform is hosted in the cloud, you can manage anything from anywhere. For example, if the sale of online tickets brings in more revenue than offline tickets, they can put up more tickets for online sales.

Data Accuracy

When everything is automated, you can be assured of data accuracy. You can confidently present it to your board members.

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