Convert Your Accounting Processes Online. Centralize the Data

Accurately bill contracts, time and material, service jobs, and monitor the progress of incomplete work orders. Get all these through Denali Fund, a Cougar Mountain’s product.

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Break the Complexities in Managing Your Finances by Standardizing the Accounting Processes With Denali Fund

Automate the workflows to cut down on the time taken to clear vendor bills. Establish stronger security controls to restrict the access of key accounting numbers to authorized personnel only.

Common Features of Fire Department Accounting Software

Accurate Job Cost

Get a precise estimate of the job cost phase-wise. Use this number to determine the profit. Do a comparative study on the estimated job cost as opposed to the actual costs and hours needed.

Purchase Order Management

Generate purchase orders automatically. Robust protocols in place to ensure the prices of items charged in invoice are as per the commercials in the invoice.

Inventory Controls

Track & receive status information on the inventories across various departments. Timely alerts on inventories that require periodical overhaul or additional purchases to avoid stock outs.

Accounts Receivable

Automatically bill vendors or contract jobs every month. Manage billing procedures for various kinds of customers. Generate sales tax report.

Be Accurate in Your Financial Prediction for Each Department
Put Your Inventory to Optimal Use

With complete automation data accuracy is guaranteed.

Less Clerical Effort

Achieve 100% accuracy in the process since everything is automated with Denali Fund. Invest your workforce in other strategic priorities of your organization.

Complete visibility on job functions

From inventory status to information on open purchase orders, you’ll get to know what each job function is up to. Also, identify the backlogs associated with each department.

Centralized Data

Data on all job function can be accessed at a single location. Set up role-based access to ensure confidentiality of data; one person from each job function can be granted permission to access data.

Read through the resources to know how an accounting software can simplify the financial complexities in the day-to-day operations

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