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From customized invoicing options to managing inventory purchases, there’s everything you need to operate your store in Denali Business, a Cougar Mountain accounting software for a feed store.

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Optimize Your Business by Reading Real-Time Numbers on Key Accounting Metrics. Know Which Areas of Your Business Need Attention

Invoice your customers instantly, set custom payment terms and receive alerts when customer payment is due. Get all your accounts receivable on track through Denali Business.

Common Features of Feed Store Accounting Software

Inventory Management

Plan your inventory by looking at the historical data of the same season. Alongside, get a hold on managing the seasonal inventory by making purchases in the correct quantity.

Manage Accounts Receivable

Notify customers of pending invoices, email receipts, and statements to keep your accounts receivable updated. Easily track the end-of-the-day numbers on sales by location, person, and payment source.

Reports & Insights

Built-in reports to track revenue sources, item-wise profit, customer groups that fetched more sales, and every other report you would require for an informed decision making backed by data.

Be on Top of the Game by Generating Purchase Orders at the Right Time

Serve your repeat customers well

Reduce Stock Overages

Plan your inventory purchases by leveraging data. Create purchase orders automatically or set up recurring purchasing orders from suppliers who have supplied your business before.

Prioritize Customer Needs

Never lose customers who give you repeat business. Reserve products for customers who buy from you on a regular basis. Identify such customers by looking at the historical purchaser data.

Better Engagement With Customers

Create as many custom attributes to detail your customer profile besides the ones that pre-exists in the system—contact information, product preferences, shipping details, and purchase history.

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