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Nonprofit Trends We Can Expect in 2020

Nonprofit Trends We Can Expect in 2020

The new year is almost upon us and that means new opportunities are around the corner for nonprofits. 2019 brought about more innovation as Instagram added donation stickers, there was an increase in online donations, and digital wallets like Apple Pay and PayPal made it easier for people to contribute through their mobile devices.    

As the new decade approaches, we can look back and see all the changes the past decade has brought. Ten years ago it would have seemed crazy to suggest that social media would play such a large role for nonprofits. But as a nonprofit nowadays, you can’t afford to overlook those platforms. So let’s take a look at what’s in store for the upcoming year and see what trends your nonprofit should be on the lookout for! 

Increase in Monthly Giving

As the millennial and centennial generations have started contributing to the nonprofit sector, there’s been a rise in mobile donations. Since mobile devices are now also being used for social media and banking purposes, a donation can easily be placed at any time, with just the tap of a finger. This will lead to an increase in a monthly revenue stream as people can easily opt into monthly contribution programs in no time at all.      

Rise of Artificial Intelligence

There’s little to no doubt that AI will play a huge role in how nonprofits use technology moving forward. Nonprofits need to approach technology with an open mind and learn to embrace it for their own benefit. Given how quickly technology has grown in the past year alone, 2020 holds promise to a new rise in AI that nonprofits can harness. AI has led to an easier workday with more balance and simplified tasks. Getting ahead on some of these technological breakthroughs can allow nonprofits to do more with less people while increasing their effectiveness.  

Broader Diversity

The demographics of nonprofits are changing and so are the minds behind who’s running them. This lends to more voices being heard and more inclusion. The nonprofit sector will greatly benefit by opening up to new communities whose voices have been previously overlooked and underrepresented. Along with that will come people with different perspectives and backgrounds that can help nonprofits be more effective in their communities.

Boost in Online and Mobile Fundraising

In 2019, online giving grew 12.1% while other forms of donations only grew by 4.1%, according to Double the Donation. With Facebook and Instagram adding donation buttons and stickers, it’s obvious that obtaining donations online is becoming much easier. Nonprofits can no longer ignore social media or other online platforms for finding funding. Lending your voice to some of these platforms can ultimately grow your presence, not just within your community, but across the globe. 

Flexibility in the Workplace

While it used to be that telecommuting was a privilege, it is now regarded as a benefit. With apps coming out that are designed for project management and communication, there’s no reason for nonprofits to not consider transitioning into telecommuting. The upsides include being more cost-effective, having more to allocate toward accomplishing your goals, and less travel time. Shifting the workplace into the home can save your organization time and money that can be used toward your mission instead of high overhead costs.  

And Finally…

While there’s no certainty about the future, we can look to the impact 2019 had and assume that it will trend in the same direction. The way technology progressively enhances our day-to-day lives will enhance our work lives too. Similarly, technology will continue to give rise to voices and communities that were previously left out. As we get closer to the new year, the one thing we can be certain of is that the future for nonprofits is bright.