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Case Study:
Zendex Tool Corporation

Based in Danbury, Connecticut, Zendex Tool Corporation manufactures products for the automotive industry from autobody and repair to performance racing. Their products are intended to be some of the most durable on the market and include a self-loading dolly called the GoJak® and a portable air jack called the RakJak™. Before Denali BI, the company was struggling to keep pace with their orders and opted to try using spreadsheets in the hopes of better understanding their sales queue. The format wasn’t as insightful as they had anticipated as it failed to provide any solutions to the problems they had. 

The three key areas they hoped to improve in order to operate faster and more efficiently included:

  1. Finding a better way to track pending orders.
  2. Prioritizing backorders in the sales queue.
  3. Gaining a better understanding of their sales funnel.

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"There’s a certain number of orders we need each month to keep our business running and with Denali BI I know that if I need to drum up some sales, I can start to offer promotions or bundle products together to get those number up."
"We knew we had growth, but didn’t know in what areas. Now, we can divide our sales down by product to view where our growth is coming from and which areas are shrinking."