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Case Study:
Performance Textiles

Performance Textiles is a leader in the distribution and outsourcing of marine textiles from England to boat manufacturers within the United States.

The majority of their sales have been in the powerboat industry and in the last five years, their sales have nearly tripled. They believe this is due to a shift in the market where people are more interested in powerboats which don’t require as much skill and experience as other boats, like yachts, do.

While they assumed this market shift was happening, they didn’t have any solid evidence to back up their conclusions. Other boat companies and manufacturers were experiencing a decline in their sales and to avoid a similar fate, Performance Textiles knew they needed the data to inform them. They turned to Denali Business Intelligence in the hope of gaining more insight into their sales to stay ahead of the curve and avoid catastrophe. What they learned from the platform, they couldn’t have expected.

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"Denali BI projects what our sales will look like for the next month based our customer’s ordering habits and we can order materials ahead of time to better prepare ourselves."
"We knew we had growth, but didn’t know in what areas. Now, we can divide our sales down by product to view where our growth is coming from and which areas are shrinking."
"Because we’re such a small company, we didn’t have the size of staff to run reports or the resources to gather the information we needed; whereas, now, if I think sales are down, I can open this dashboard and have access to all that information at my fingertips without having to wait for any reports."
"It’s not even my best selling products I can look at, I can look at even the smallest products and see how it’s performing."