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Denali Solutions

Are you sick of dealing with the headaches created by your accounting software?

Before switching to Denali Fund, our customers faced several issues with their accounting software. Whether it was the reporting, the lack of security, or the inability to pass an audit—their software was holding them back. Here are just a couple ways Denali Fund can help your organization.

Denali Fund Solutions

Annoyed With Wasting Time Creating and Recreating Reports?

If you’re constantly spending Saturdays assembling reports, you’re not alone. Many nonprofits do and express how frustrating it is to waste all that time building the same reports repeatedly. With Denali Fund’s customizable reporting, you can tailor a report any way you see fit, save it, and run it any time you need to. If a board member or a grantor asks for a specific report, you can give them the information they want in minutes without wasting another Saturday. 

Afraid of Failing a Compliance Audit?

Because Federal and State compliance requirements can be harsh for nonprofits, it’s imperative that you trust your software. With Denali Fund you know your organization will meet the guidelines as it is GAAP and FASB compliant. On top of that, Denali Fund has an unbreakable audit trail, making it nearly impossible to lose track of funding, expenses, or revenue. With both of these features available, you will never have to worry about failing a compliance audit again.

Worried You Don’t Have a Secure Audit Trail?

Denali Fund has an unbreakable audit trail that makes deleting previous entries impossible. Instead, Denali Fund records all changes to an entry, and tracks who changed it, when it was changed, and why. This also helps when your organization is facing an audit as all changes are accounted for, giving your organization more transparency and accountability.

How Might Denali Solve Your Problems?

Sometimes it can be difficult to know how software can work for you; let us show you all Denali can do. Click the button below to view a demo and see for yourself.

Fear Unauthorized Users Can Access Confidential Information?

Security is a huge concern for nonprofits as many of them have multiple users accessing their financial data and funding. With individual user rights, Denali Fund allows you to control who has access to your accounts and limit the amount of information they can view. You can decide, per user, who can access which areas of the software.

Irritated By Having to Use a Spreadsheet to Keep Track of Funds?

If you’re sick of dealing with spreadsheets, it’s about time to upgrade. Spreadsheets are unreliable and can cause you to misallocate or misplace funds, which could result in a loss of funding. Denali Fund, however, has an unlimited number of fund accounts to track and report your grants, donations, sponsorships, etc. separately without using a single spreadsheet. And, you can print a report of any fund to give grantors or auditors when needed.