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Cougar Mountain Software’s Denali Business is a complete accounting solution with the ability to customize modules to perfectly adapt to your business’s needs, making Denali the ideal solution for any growing business.

Each Denali module is able to not only integrate with each other, but they all work seamlessly so you don’t have to spend extra time entering in the same information.

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Features of Denali Business

User Rights

Grant permission levels to different users based on their role within your organization.

Audit Trail

Allows you to see what changes are made by who and when—nothing can ever be deleted.


Set up an unlimited number of organizations and companies.

5-year Fiscal

Post your data using a 5-year fiscal calendar and access all your historical data forever.

or Cloud

Denali Business allows you to access your data onsite or in the cloud.


Denali Business has the option to create reports as simple or as custom as you need.

Scalable to Your

Denali Business is modular so you can add or subtract the modules you need.

Customer Support

Based in Boise, Idaho, our knowledgeable staff all have backgrounds in accounting.

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An Array of Modules Allow You to Customize to Your Specific Needs

General Ledger is the backbone and shows where the money goes.

Manage your bank and credit card accounts with Bank Reconciliation.

Pay your bills, print checks, and track due dates with Accounts Payable.

Track customer transactions and print statements with Accounts Receivable.

In-house Payroll. Calculate taxes, benefits, and deductions automatically.

Get estimates and orders to customers fast and improve your quote-to-cash processes.

Keep records of items purchased and sold with Inventory.

Advanced inventory control with Purchase Order.

Accept credit cards, and manage orders and sales with Order Entry.

Point of Sale manages cash registers. Able to accept any type of transaction.

Most Popular Add-ons and Services

Aatrix Tax

Prepare, print, and eFile payroll forms and W-2s directly from the Payroll module.

Custom Report Services

Fully customized reports tailored to your exact specifications.


Collect every payment type from a single customer engagement device.


Skilled installation and setup assistance to keep your office running.


Migrate your QuickBooks® data directly into Denali.


Your eCommerce communicates directly with Denali.

Tax Forms &

Get your accounting and tax forms all guaranteed to work with Denali.


Dashboards, predictive analytics, and pulse alerts for data analysis.

Words of Praise

See why 61% of Cougar Mountain Software customers use our products in excess of 16 years.

  • “We are a large church and we began using Denali Fund as of January 1st, 2015. It is perfect for our fund accounting setup and makes it so easy to track how much is in each fund. We have found most of the program to be fairly simple to use and the training to be very helpful and thorough. Customer service has been responsive and caring.”

    Laurie D.

  • “Very cost-effective yet plenty of features. Compares well to BS&A and… much better than QuickBooks. Their customer support is always top notch. I highly recommend it for smaller municipalities who want all the features of a sophisticated fund accounting system at a reasonable cost.”

    Kim T., Lawrence Township

  • “Cougar Mountain Denali saved us thousands of dollars in switching from QuickBooks. Training has been thorough and designed for our level of comprehension. I highly recommend the accounting software over Quickbooks.”


  • “The initial set up with Cougar Mountain Software was easy, and once the system was up and running, I was thrilled with the results and the detailed reports. Due to the detailed reports the software is able to produce, we have been able to substantially keep our CPA fees to a minimum.”

    Jean, Neale Marine Transportation

  • “The support and training staff are awesome. They are always quick to help me and teach me how to use the software and fix things correctly. I would recommend them to anyone wanting a good accounting system.”

    Teresa F.

  • “We use Cougar Mountain Software to process our nationwide payroll clients for the past year and absolutely love the ease of use and speed this software has given us. Truly kicks butt over any Sage product out there. We are a client for life!”

    Mark R.

  • “Cougar Mountain Software gets the culture of Idaho. Their staff is friendly and you never feel like you are talking to strangers. They treat you with respect. They don’t talk down to you and act like you don’t know anything like vendors outside of Idaho do.”

    Mary B., West Boise Sewer District

  • “We are a government non-profit with several million in annual budget, 26 funds and 18 bank accounts. I’ve used everything in my career from Quickbooks to Peachtree, from MAS 90- to Dynamics and even SAP. This program has the ‘big box’ control and audit trail features we need to be in compliance, with the ease of Quickbooks.”

    Steven, Victor Valley Transit Authority

  • “There is a complete audit trail. It can never be deleted off the books. If there’s ever any question, just by looking at it, you can see what actually transpired.”

    Evelyn, Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

  • “Cougar Mountain is the comprehensive, professional software I was looking for to assist me in my daily efforts. Working in the accounting industry, I have the opportunity to test a lot of the accounting packages on the market due to each customer having their own accounting software. If it were my choice I would not use any other software.”

    Marie, Meade Accounting Service

  • “Having a close relationship with your accounting software vendor is immensely important for a small business like ours. We don’t have an IT staff or someone else in the business that could take this problem on. Cougar Mountain Software was the partner we needed and in a crisis like this (accounting server crash), it’s the small things that can make a big difference. When people bring up changing systems to QuickBooks or some other accounting software I tell them, ‘try Cougar Mountain and you’ll know why we aren’t changing.’”

    Elaine, Compton Air Conditioning and Heating, LLC