Customer Stories

aplusCougar Mountain Software’s success is a direct result of our customers.  We love to hear about their success and hope you’ll enjoy these stories about some of the most long-term and valuable customers.

Liberty Supply
Denali Retail/POS
David Spradlin of Liberty Supply thinks about the little things—the pipes, valves, fittings, pumps, and the other small yet critical components that his company has supplied to refineries, manufacturing facilities, and processing plants for the last 28 years.

Beavers Inc.
Denali Payroll
Jimmie Beavers built his career the old fashioned way, and Denali Payroll helps him with on his journey.

Noah’s Restaurant
It has been more than 35 years since John Papp helped start Noah’s Restaurant in Stonington Borough, Connecticut, but the long-time globetrotter still travels to every corner of the world and brings back the culinary treasures he finds.

Victor Valley Transit Authority
In the 1970s, the High Desert town of Victorville, California, started a single bus line for its neighborhoods. Soon, nearby cities began to request a few bus stops in their jurisdictions, and then a few more.

The American Legion
One of Weber’s favorite features is Denali’s ability to manage general funds along with dedicated accounts set aside for specific purposes. “Denali Fund had that option, whereas, for instance, QuickBooks could make it work, but it really wasn’t built for it,” she says.

Eagle Creek Quilt Shop

Merchant Warehouse Genius™ – Point-of-Sale
“Our old checkout setup took such a long time to process. We would swipe the card ourselves, using the swiper in the register. It took forever. ” said Gillick. “Now the customer keeps the card in their hand and they swipe it themselves. That’s a good thing.”

Northern Tier Solid Waste Authority
General Accounting
Waste disposal is a dirty job anywhere, but in rural Pennsylvania, it’s also fiercely competitive. Operating over three counties, Northern Tier’s contracts can differ between each township. Some customers are billed monthly, some yearly, and some by the individual truckload.

Louisiana SPCA
“The software helps me keep it in the smaller picture, and when I want it, it will help me put it in the big picture.”

Sassy’s Blings N Things, LLC
Starting a business is a dream held by many but realized by few. Success requires a mix of vision, passion, and a great idea, but sometimes an intense experience is required to launch the dream.

Truck Parts Sales Inc.
General Accounting
“Denali was definitely worth the money. Cougar Mountain understands how small businesses work…Their price point for what they offer you is amazing, particularly compared to their competitors. I would have expected to pay 20-30% higher for what they offered.”

Broomfield Sheet Metal
General Accounting
Broomfield Sheet Metal was attracted to Cougar Mountain’s software because “it is simple to use and the support is phenomenal. With a program like Quickbooks you don’t have support. If you don’t have support it’s worth nothing.”

Compton Air Conditioning and Heating, LLC
General Accounting
“Knowing the Support team was there was a huge weight off of my shoulders. Having a close relationship with your accounting software vendor is immensely important for a small business like ours. Cougar Mountain Software was the partner we needed and in a crisis like this, it’s the small things that can make a big difference.”

Ernie’s Tools
“It’s very easy to learn. It also has a nice double entry for the accounting system. It’s altogether a very good network with lots of levels of service.” Ultimately, Ernie explains that the software has helped him grow and expand with his company, and the results are promising.

General Accounting
Ewart-Ohlson now uses Cougar Mountain’s software to track accounts payable, accounts receivable, and sales, and the company is transitioning to the new DENALI system. Brian states, “We know the DENALI system will continue to make that side of our business run smoothly and give us the freedom to focus our attention on other areas of our business.”

GIS Incorporated
General Accounting
They have been particularly pleased with how Cougar Mountain software systems have streamlined their processes, such as inventory reporting, physical accounting, and order entry. “We are a small company but have a lot of products. Cougar Mountain Software has been able to handle whatever we needed.”

Mobile Community Action
To achieve their efficiency goals, they needed accounting tools with more “firepower,” particularly in the areas of data management and reporting. That is why they upgraded to Cougar Mountain’s Denali software suite. Schulz says Denali has given MCA the tools they need to achieve their goal of accomplishing more with less.

Monarch Cleaners
Payroll & General Accounting
“Cougar Mountain has enabled us to grow. We now have 45 employees. Their software has been instrumental in keeping things in order for our business.” By building a strong accounts payable foundation as well as a polished payroll system, Monarch has established a smooth office operation, enabling the company to focus its attention to their services and their customers.

Noah’s Restaurant
Payroll & General Accounting
“In general, it’s saving me more money because I don’t have to hire a bookkeeper; it’s something I can do myself.” Additionally, Papp notes that it enables him to be more efficient, and leverages his time, which is vital in the restaurant industry. “I spend maybe two or three hours on books a week. It’s extremely economical and convenient for a busy business.”

Quint City Stone
Cougar’s Point of Sale (POS) platform lets Quint City keep track of tricky details like products sold on vendor consignment or the security deposits on its wooden delivery pallets. It handles simple and complex sales with equal ease, whether it’s a pond pump or a few tons of wall stone to one of their contractors.”With this year especially, having Cougar Mountain Software has taken a lot of headaches away.  It’s been huge for me,” he says. “Now when I ask for numbers, they actually make sense and I know they are right.”

One Year Later Customer Stories

Register & Sons Heating & AC
General Accounting
“After filling out reports on my own that took an inordinate amount of time for me and there was always the risk that my figures were not entered correctly, so it was check and re-check a number of times.” That is why last year, Sandy once again turned to Cougar Mountain Software. And one year later she (and her CPA) have been very pleased with the resulting time savings and accuracy of their reports. “It is a time saver and as I said previously, it was so very easy to learn and use. I would recommend Cougar Mountain Software to anyone.”

Business Partner Story

Marie Harrison of Carr, Riggs & Ingram, LLC

It can seamlessly create and track trial balances for restrictive grants, as well as its excellent Payroll, Purchase Order, and Bank Reconciliation modules. Another great feature that Marie and her clients especially appreciate is the outstanding customer support they receive.

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