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In 1982, a number of American businesses were struggling amidst a rocky recession. Many faced the battle of starting their businesses in a turbulent economy; one poor financial decision or error could demolish an entire foundation of a promising company. Before computers were a basic household component, Robert Gossett saw the staggering need businesses were experiencing as they fought through the difficult timing for a business start up. The need was for trustworthy, powerful accounting systems, which would enable businesses to succeed. Recognizing that the hardware and software technologies had the capabilities of solving the financial needs of businesses, Robert’s unique vision addressed the importance for them to make smarter accounting choices.


His extraordinary concept was destined to revolutionize business practices by creating reliable software that would help protect businesses from fraud and costly errors, and assist in managing cash flow, profitability, and inventory with network capability. By making crucial software available to every small business, Robert encouraged more business owners to be discerning and overcome economic obstacles. He channeled this vision to create Cougar Mountain Software, which has flourished over the past thirty years.

Founded and headquartered in Boise, Idaho, Cougar Mountain Software has advanced and strengthened countless businesses with its sophisticated accounting software. Today, Cougar Mountain Software’s mission is to provide customers with high-value integrated accounting software applications alongside excellent services and customized solutions. While Robert’s original concept has evolved over time alongside technology, the vision has remained the same. Cougar Mountain’s philosophy of business is to help small to medium-sized businesses expand successfully with a solid accounting framework.


Business accounting, nonprofit accounting, and point-of-sale software solutions are Cougar Mountain Software’s three core strengths. In 2006, Chuck Gossett joined the company’s management team and accepted the role of president and CEO of the company before his father, Robert, officially retired in 2008 and continues the family tradition that the software is “designed by accountants for accountants”.


This unique combination creates a system that has a tremendous amount of integrity, a high degree of security, and a secure audit trail. This experience and knowledge helps businesses maintain accurate, legal records. “We secure functionality to help protect businesses against fraud,” Chuck explains. The DENALI accounting software is their newest product, which has received the highest rating from CPA Practice Advisor. This product line offers extensive reporting capabilities to make business accounting easy, secure, and reliable. The business accounting software equips customers with the tools to manage cash flow, monitor profitability, analyze trends, track inventory, and make informed financial decisions based on real-time data. Along with time savings, the solution provides peace-of-mind by providing a strong, secure audit trail and enhanced user security features.

The point-of-sale software provides easy and secure transactions, and is configurable for any size business or organization. It not only offers quick and error-free sales, but also integrated inventory management, customizable sales entry screens, sales receipts and invoices, as well as cash control and daily book balancing.

Dedicating nearly three decades to developing nonprofit software, Cougar Mountain has provided organizations such as the American Red Cross, Boys & Girls Club, Girl Scouts, National Hemophilia Foundation, United Way, YMCA, and many other government, education, faith-based, and private nonprofits the foundation for success and exponential growth.

“We help to establish the basis for launching these product lines into the market,” Chuck says, and it’s clear to see that the results have been outstanding. “We are here to assist our customers,” he further explains, “by helping them make better decisions, eliminate costly errors, and giving them the absolute best accounting solution.” Cougar Mountain Software doesn’t stop there; they also offer online, regional, and hosted training, which instills knowledge and confidence in their customers. “The training is excellent,” Chuck says, “its hands-on training that is very practical.”

Cougar Mountain offers four main types of customer training. The website contains a wealth of free questions and answers that are typically asked by customers. Classroom training is also offered in Boise at Cougar Mountain’s headquarters. Additionally, the company offers to send representatives to a customer’s surroundings to host a training class. The last branch of training comes by telephone, as Cougar Mountain always handles their customer’s calls personally. It’s not just about downloading the software and leaving customers to figure it out on their own; Cougar Mountain strives to provide the tools and skills their customers need to meet every aspect of their growing businesses and, in turn, watch the success of their business take flight. “We help small to mid-sized businesses with an accounting solution that is about more than just the software,” Chuck remarks when thinking about the rewards his customers receive. “We improve their overall understanding of the accounting software and provide ways to utilize their solution to support their long-term financial and business goals.”


Perhaps one of the most vital aspects to the company’s success is their employees. “Our employee base is key,” Chuck assures. “Cougar Mountain is a loyalty-based company. We have approximately forty dedicated and well-trained employees.” With such a high level of satisfaction from their employees, it isn’t difficult to see how the quality support Cougar Mountain Software provides is as important as a quality product. But what makes the employee base so unique? They work and accomplish their tasks as a team. The software is designed, built, and supported all in one place, and that sense of camaraderie creates a distinctive energy amongst the development, sales, customization, training, and support teams. The result is a close knit group of people who think globally, yet work as a local team.

Their customers come to feel like members of the Cougar Mountain Software family, the basis for the second key to success. “Customer service is a large part of our success. We strive to be creative while listening to our customers needs and ensuring we meet them,” Chuck mentions along with the company’s core values, which encompass a high degree of integrity, customer satisfaction, and a commitment to employee appreciation and reward. “We don’t outsource our support and build fixed and un-scalable solutions. We listen to our customers.” The attentiveness to customers is truly what sets Cougar Mountain apart from their competitors.

The list of awards and positive reviews the company has received over the years is extensive and impressive, garnering multiple noteworthy honors. Cougar Mountain Software Professional 2012 Payroll was awarded 4 stars by CPA Practice Advisor, who also rated Cougar Mountain’s DENALI Retail & POS with a 4.5 stars. In addition, the company received Top Honors. All the reviews praise the software for its efficiency, user friendliness, easy customization, security, and functionality.


When asked about the future, Chuck confidently responded by stating, “We are always moving forward.” By moving forward, Cougar Mountain Software is pursuing a full ERP business solution that will offer integrated external and internal management information for entire organizations. This centralized data repository will include the tracking and analysis of operational costs, compliancy to tax laws and Sarbanes Oxley Act, environmental regulations, business workflows, and customer preferences. “We will provide the small business market a user-friendly CRM and ERP systems with capabilities that were generally only available to large organizations,” Chuck comments.

With a secure system, Cougar Mountain customers can continue to experience all the rewards of utilizing a system of high principles: reducing errors and fraud and gleaning more efficiency and growth. Cougar Mountain employees can also reap the benefits of working for a company that praises its evolving culture of loyalty-based employees. Cougar Mountain will continue to train their employees to master extensive product and industry expertise, as well as talented national technological expertise. The result is a company that feels like family who are all working for a united goal.

Knowing the company is still upheld by the same Gossett family values and ambitions it was built upon, fuels the company’s ability to move forward and give the best to its community and customers. What began as a vision has expanded into an empire, ready to serve businesses around the world with its superior accounting solutions. This family-owned company has adapted throughout the years by helping their customers get the most from their business systems, lowering their audit and penalty risk, increasing confidence from their information and data, thereby enabling them to make better decisions and providing opportunity for success.

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