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ArcHRM is a sophisticated Human Resource Management software that allows you to collect and organize information on your most important assets – your employees! With ArcHRM you can store vital information such as personal and contact records, financial documentation, company benefits, and performance evaluations. In addition, ArcHRM will give you valuable insights on growing a healthy company culture, with sound policies and practices that will set your organization apart!

People are the key to a healthy, profitable business. Whether you’re onboarding, negotiating compensation benefits, or building an energized workforce, ArcHRM will provide you with the tools to see it done.

Features and Benefits

  • Onboarding, Payroll & Tax, Company Benefits
  • Employee PTO Calendar
  • PTO and Absentee tracking
  • Documentation Management
  • Disciplinary Action
  • Policies and Procedures 
  • Regulatory Compliance