Referral Rewards Program

Cougar Mountain Software rewards you for sharing a good word about our company and products.

We pay you 15% commission for any new customer you refer.

  • 15% referral commission on software and services. Hardware is excluded.
  • No limit to payout amount.
  • Paid by check after 60 days of invoice date, providing client has paid invoice in full.
  • Payout is calculated on net amount minus any returns.

Just provide the name, phone and email of someone who might be interested in our products and we'll do the rest. If they buy, we mail you a check. It's that easy.

Click here for information about our Business Partner program where you can earn up to 50% commission.

Recent Referral Program Winner:

Quality Tyre, Bridgetown, Barbados

3944 miles - That is the distance between Boise, ID, home of Cougar Mountain Software, and Bridgetown, Barbados, home of Quality Tyre, who are the winners of a recent Gift of Gratitude.  We shipped a gift basket of Made in Idaho foods and treats from Boise to Barbados (3944 miles) in order to show our gratitude for a referral we received from Quality Tyre.


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Referral Rewards Program Details

Submit a referral and our sales department will make a contact to determine if there is any interest. We will not hassle referrals with persistent phone calls. If the referral makes a purchase, we will send you a check for 20% of the purchase price. The check will be cut 90 days from the purchase due to the return policy.

Why recommend Cougar Mountain Software Products

  • DENALI was awarded 4 stars by CPA Practice Advisor

  • 15% referral commission, with residual opportunities for BPs

  • Small to mid-size business support in one package

  • Entry-level affordability with robust back-office integration

  • Accounting modules for retail, POS, wholesale, and nonprofits

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Cougar Mountain has been making accounting software for over 30 years - our latest generation is called Denali.

Based in the Northwest United States, with on-site technical support.

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