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Enhanced Reporting

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Enhanced Reports

Automate your reporting with enhanced reports…

Announcing Enhanced Reporting for 2017.

Denali has a robust set of reports that come included with our software. But, if you find yourself spending too much time putting your data into a spreadsheet to get the information you need, consider using a custom report.

Get the information you need with a click of a button, instead of a spreadsheet.

Imagine that – no more spreadsheets.

Below are some of our most often requested custom reports, with templates, available for purchase.

Enhanced Reporting
Saves Time and Money

Learn how enhanced reporting can help you.

For Any Denali Installation

Report Cost: $150, plus support minutes to add it to your installation.

AP – Check Modification
Allows check-stub-stub layout in Immediate and Print Check formats
BR – Check Modification
Allows check-stub-stub layout when printing checks
SA – Plain Invoice Form
Removes the Tender Type at the bottom of the form
AR – Statements
Revises the AR Statement report to look more like CMS Pro
GL Posting Audit Report
Revises the report to show a single line summary

With Crystal Reports Installed

Report cost: $290, plus support minutes to add it to your installation.
When a report is highly customized, you need Crystal Reports installed along with Denali.

AP – Invoice to Payment Report
Revises the report so that transactions are listed by GL date
SA – Top 75 Customers List
Displays your top 75 Sales customers
IN – Snapshot Report of Stock Value
Provides a unique ‘snapshot’ view of your inventory
IN – Top 75 Items List
Displays your top 75 Inventory items
PR – ACA / Workers Comp Report
Shows the status of your employees

Let us show you what enhanced reporting can do for you.

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