Medical Dispensary Software

Medical Dispensary SoftwareMedical marijuana easily manages extreme pain or discomfort, where other more commonly prescribed medications cannot. Slowly, states are acknowledging the solace, relief and benefits that medical marijuana brings to those suffering from cancer, pain or depression.

As you know, currently 14 states offer legalized medical marijuana, and all 14 require proof of residency to be considered a qualifying patient for medical marijuana use. And 2 more states have passed laws that, although favorable towards medical marijuana use, did not legalize it.

However this road to dispersing legalized medical marijuana is not an easy one for the medical marijuana dispensary, club, or clinic. The laws and use keep changing, almost daily. For example, recently the city of Los Angeles is ordering over 400 medical marijuana dispensaries to close before June 7, 2010, or face fine and jail-time penalties.

So how, or where, does Cougar Mountain Software fit into all of this?

Cougar Mountain Software has been a developer of Point of Sale accounting software since 1982. As a medical marijuana dispensary, you have so many other things to contend with – such as making sure you’re in compliance with the ever-changing medical marijuana dispensary laws – instead of spending time searching for an effective point of sale software. This is where we can help and take the work out of your search.

Cougar Mountain POS Software

  • Our point of sale software system is very secure.
  • A secure audit trail protects you from theft because it allows you to track the transactional history of a sale, should any variances arise that must be researched.
  • You can also create permission-based access for each staff member that uses the system. Thereby allowing you to protect customer/patient confidentiality. It allows you to individualize access to reports, functions and applications.
  • Keeps records of your clients’ medical marijuana id card and, or prescription, our point of sale software will attach those copies to their account in the inventory or accounts receivable master files.
  • Lets you pull up your client information right at the register for easy check out.
  • Keeps a record of your clients’ history for as long as needed and can also be pulled up right at the register.
  • Makes pricing for your medical marijuana products is easy. You can have and select a variety of package sizes, even associate special pricing for certain products with individual clients.
  • Lets you store your inventory in multiple package sizes, receive and divide it into smaller quantities with ease.

Cougar Mountain Software develops leading on-premises accounting solutions. Our hallmark software, DENALI, is specifically designed to scale to clients’ needs while maintaining an unbreakable audit trail.