Electrical Contractor Software

Electrical Contractor SoftwareYour electrical contractor business has unique accounting requirements and Cougar Mountain has decades of experience providing them. Save time and money by automating many of the routine tasks, freeing your employees to be more productive.

Denali Job Cost gives you the flexibility and control to track job costs, budgets, timelines, and billing quickly, easily, and securely. You need Electrical Contractor accounting software that will:

  • Estimate jobs more quickly by using customizable templates
  • Reduce duplicate entry time and errors with accounting system integration
  • Integrated with Inventory for accurate quotes and management
  • Detailed labor tracking with Payroll integration
  • Phase templates and reporting
  • Provides work-in-progress reporting and billing capabilities
  • Proper account and cash flow management lowers risk of job going wrong
  • Enhanced expense tracking, accurate budgeting, customized invoices
  • Automated billing and Payroll

Cougar Mountain has been providing growing businesses with accounting software since 1981.

Denali Features List

  • Advanced, multi-tiered security system that allows system rights to be established for users by application and function, reduces opportunity for employee theft, fraud, and errors
  • Integrated modules so that posting in one automatically updates all; saves you time and decreases errors
  • Drill down and quick lookups. Find job information instantly saving time
  • Process customer payments and make payments to vendors via electronic funds transfer. Reduces paperwork; speeds up your accounts payable and accounts receivable
  • One step backup can be sent to hard drive, floppy discs or other removable media. Safeguards irreplaceable data
  • Unlimited history storage limited only by your storage space. Saves customer history for the timeframes you establish
  • Assign specific tasks to specific printers; and designate default printers within modules. You choose who (one or many) gets reports
  • True networking capability with the option to run single or multiple-batch processing. Saves time, reduces errors, allows inter-departmental and company cooperation and efficiencies
  • Imports transactions from external files
  • Customizable, user defined reports that you can print to file, printer, PDF, Excel, even to email. Create your own or choose from a list of customizable reports, including statements, invoices and receipts

Inventory Management

  • Manage millions of inventory stock items
  • Multiple costing options include LIFO, FIFO, Standard and Weighted Average
  • Highly versatile inventory system allows serialized inventory items, lot numbers, alias stock items
  • Multi-location inventory supported – to keep track of all your inventory in more than one location
  • Global price changes
  • Updating price changes via a spreadsheet
  • Stock pricing schemes can be set up by cost or by price, markup or margin. Set item cost by price breaks, multi-pack, coupon/buy down, promotions, discounts, or price level. Even set up special pricing schemes for special customers
  • Attach images to each stock item to speed checkout – the clerk can verify item against the stock item image while checking out the customer
  • Download stock item quantities from handheld scanning devices.
  • Use bill of materials processing to build kits and sell assemblies. Attach non-inventory items to stock items, so when the stock item sells, the non-inventory item appears, too. Great for delivery charges, setup fees etc.
  • Link a non-inventory item or service to a stock item so when the item sells, the service also appears on the sale.
  • Inventory Reports include the Inventory Stock List Report, Master Stock Report, Physical Inventory Count Worksheet, Price Book Catalog, Understock Report, Overstock Report, New Promotional Sales Report, On Order Report, Back Order Report, On Hand Report, Valuation Report, Control Report, Labels, History Report, and Movement Report

Business Reporting

One of Cougar Mountain’s most popular features are its reporting capabilities – get detailed up-to-the-second knowledge of how the business is running. Hundreds of reports can be generated from the built in reports, and others can be customized yourself. Financial reports, sales reports, vendor or customer reports to name a few are quickly produced. Drill down into the data with a single click. Financial and Sales dashboards that visibly show you the health of your company.

The powerful reporting capabilities of Cougar Mountain Accounting allow you to obtain up-to-the-minute reporting to stay on top of sales and inventory with realtime sales reports by item, salesperson, register, cash receipts, and credit.

  • At-a-glance dashboards for financial and sales report data
  • Print your edit reports of orders when you’re ready by setting the date and time range you desire. For example, print out this morning’s invoices or a quotation from yesterday
  • Send customer statements via email with just a couple clicks
  • Determine commission payments with the Sales by Salesperson report
  • Invoices will show whether the transaction is a Hold, Quote or Work Order
  • Show non-inventory codes included in the sale with Salesperson Report and Profit Margin Reports
  • Up-to-the-minute tracking on cash/charge receipt, sales tax, salesperson and department reports
  • Maintain detailed sales history information, including gross profit per invoice
  • Print to multiple printers for multi-department organizations

Customer Management

  • Print any message — upcoming sales, special greetings and promotions on statements.
  • Create custom statement formats for preprinted forms or plain paper statements.
  • Clear, easy-to-understand AR Customer Statement identifies the details of payments being applied to invoices, even those that have already been purged from the AR Statement.
  • The Invoice to Payment and Payment to Invoice Reports compare various payments and invoices to aid customer service and troubleshooting efforts.
  • Easily print out customer mailing labels.
  • Define a special discount when receiving payments.
  • Apply one payment to as many as 250 invoices.
  • Use Hot Key lookups by customer name or number, or quickly view detailed customer file information, including credit limit, collection status, finance charges, YTD charges, and YTD payments.
  • Enter a virtually unlimited number of customers and transactions.
  • Track customers’ open credits.
  • Place customers on hold for credit, and warnings will automatically appear in Order Entry.
  • Assign credit limits to customers and warnings will automatically appear in Order Entry when limits are exceeded.
  • Process finance charge calculations. Specific finance charges can be assigned to individual customers.
  • Customer reports include: Customer List Report, Customer Labels, Master Report, Collection Report, Aged Analysis Report, Control Report, History Report, Customer Statements

Vendor Management

  • Manages all your bills within a single module
  • Write checks to your vendors
  • Track and organize your vendors – know exactly how much is owed by the company, to whom and for what
  • Automatically print out vendor labels
  • Track your credit card activity used to pay vendors
  • Set up Electronic Fund Transfers
  • Includes many detailed reports; financial reports, history reports, and control reports – can even create new custom reports
  • Automatically generate your tax forms, like 1099s
  • Vendor reports include: Quick Vendor List, Vendor Master Report, Aging Report, Total Debt Report, Cash Requirements Report, Control Report, Overdue Report, Prepaid Report, Future Liability Report, History Report, Monthly Balance History Report, 1099-MISC, Magnetic Media 1099-MISC, GL Expense Distribution Report, Dated Invoice Payment Report


  • Define hourly, salary, or hourly/salary combined compensation types.
  • Generate W-2s and 1099s, with the option to use Aatrix to submit electronic W-2s.
  • Set up any standard deductions and garnishments.
  • Pay employees that work in multiple states.
  • Shelter all or partial earnings, benefits, and deductions from taxes for items such as 401(k), cafeteria plans, or sheltered medical accounts.
  • Pay employees electronically with direct deposit.
  • Maintain payroll history after closing the year and print reports from history.
  • Integrate to General Ledger and automatically post payroll expenses.

Additional Add-on Products and Enhancements

  • At Cougar Mountain, we’re accounting for your business needs. We provide powerful financial management at great value. Our accounting, point of sale and fund accounting packages help small to medium-sized businesses track, understand and manage cash flow — effectively and efficiently.
  • When your business needs dictate specific requirements, you may need one of the additional modules described here. Take a look — and find the product you need to complete your accounting system, and the services behind them that will keep your products running and your business growing.Each of our products is designed to be adaptable to your business environment and needs, easy to install and use, fully integrated with the rest of your software / modules, and secure, with audit trails and user access designated by module and function.
  • Bank Reconciliation– Bank Reconciliation is a powerful self-audit module that reconciles bank statements with actual checks and deposits. Bank Reconciliation collects all information from your integrated Cougar Mountain modules and helps you quickly reconcile your bank account information.
  • Purchase Order– Purchase Order helps you manage purchases from the initial purchase until final payment is made. It automates inventory ordering by generating a purchase order based on minimum quantity on hand. Cougar Mountain Purchase Order can integrate to Accounts Payable, Inventory, Job Cost and General Ledger. Purchase Order will automatically update inventory quantity and cost information, vendor balances and financial information. Integration is simple and at your control. Automatic ordering can be triggered from information in the Inventory module, and you can even select vendors based on best price or shortest lead time.

Support & Training

  • Annual Technical Support Contract
    The annual technical support plan provides 2, 4, 8 or 20 hours of toll-free technical support by phone. Dedicated technical experts at our Boise, Idaho, headquarters answer your questions. Renew your technical support contract before the 30-day warranty on your Cougar Mountain product expires, or before your existing technical support contract expires, to qualify for reduced renewal rates and ensure uninterrupted service.
  • Training
    Cougar Mountain Software offers a variety of training options to fit your needs. These include classroom training at our headquarters, on-site training at your place of business, online training by telephone, and online e-learning. Classes are offered on a regular basis in Boise, Idaho. These classes provide instruction, training and tips to get the most from your software. Online telephone training allows hands-on participation and instruction via an Internet connection. Flexible hours and customized training are an advantage to this training method.
  • Software Assurance from Cougar Mountain
    Cougar Mountain’s Software Assurance provides a range of services to ensure you always have the latest version of our software products. Not only will you be eligible to receive our regular Service Packs, you will also receive any new versions of Cougar Mountain software that are released during the term of your agreement. Take advantage of new functionality as it becomes available.
  • Cougar Mountain’s Customer Service Center
    At Cougar Mountain we are committed to your success, and not only with our software. Your purchase of our products and of Software Assurance gives you complete access to our online Customer Service Center. There you’ll find FAQs about our products, e-learning about common accounting tasks as well as extensive premium content on running your Cougar Mountain installation. In addition, we will provide you articles and links to other websites that will be useful in managing your organization.

Cougar Mountain Software develops leading on-premises accounting solutions. Our hallmark software, DENALI, is specifically designed to scale to clients’ needs while maintaining an unbreakable audit trail.