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Cougar Mountain Software and MaxGiving have partnered together to bring comprehensive financial solutions to nonprofit organizations.

All of Cougar Mountain Software’s products are modular, transparent, and contain layered security measures (as recommended by forensic accountants). Our on-premises accounting software inherits the security of your existing network and insulates your data from potentially harmful viruses on the internet.

Denali FUND is a robust bookkeeping solution engineered for nonprofits. Here’s how it can make your life easier:

There are no hidden fees or mandatory add-ons based on size or quantity of funds.
All clients enjoy unlimited funds, delineations, and bandwidth to handle as many accounts, at as large a scale as is required.

Internal controls are built in.
Individual, role-based user accounts, an industry-defining UNBREAKABLE audit trail, and the ability to restrict access via module, fund, or time period all contribute to Denali FUND’s anti-fraud DNA.

Cougar Mountain Software produced a three-part webinar series about this subject by picking the brain of forensic accountant and CPA, Denise McClure. The event broke company attendance records and became a touchstone reference for our clients. In the following teaser-clip, Denise describes the internal controls all accounting software should have.

Skim a synopsis of each episode of the Fraud Prevention series below. (3-6 minute reads).

Ep. 1 First Time Fraud Offenders

Ep. 2 The Thing About Fraud Deterrence

Ep. 3 Setting the Tone at the Top with Internal Controls

“Modular” means your organization purchases only the tools it needs.
If all you need is a General Ledger or Payroll platform, that’s ALL you have to buy. But if you need a comprehensive solution that can hit the ground running, you can explore our three levels of Denali FUND packages. You can also add modules as your organization grows and /or your needs change.

Your data is both secure and accessible on the Denali Nonprofit Cloud.
Enjoy the security of on-premises software while savoring the convenience of the cloud, with Cougar Mountain Software’s new hosting option. The Denali Nonprofit Cloud was developed for nonprofit organizations that require a hosted solution that works with any computer (Mac or PC) from anywhere there is an internet connection.

With Cougar Mountain Software’s Denali FUND, counting blessings just became a whole lot more tangible.

Visit the Denali FUND product page, or go ahead and click Demo Now to see the software firsthand.

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Cougar Mountain Software develops leading on-premises accounting solutions. Our hallmark software, DENALI, is specifically designed to scale to clients’ needs while maintaining an unbreakable audit trail.