IT Services

Be the Tech Wiz Who Protects an Accountant

Or rely on the same professionals that Cougar Mountain Software trusts to safeguard our own servers and online security.

Next time your software, hardware, or uninvited malware kicks up an unpredictable glitch, make our IT staff your first call. Your tech solution is only a few minutes, lines of code, or reboot protocols away. Which means we’ll come to the rescue of your crashing computer — currently the ONLY place you saved the quarterly reports — just in time for your presentation to the board.

Don’t panic. Contact us immediately.

Consider signing up proactively and allow us to introduce ourselves face-to-face. We’ll map the IT systems in your office(s), schedule regular maintenance and security sweeps, and never be further away than a few strokes of the keyboard (or keypad) should something unfortunate unfold.

Cougar Mountain Software is proud to offer best-in-class technical support, and to continue our tradition of indefatigable customer service to those needing help with their software and/or its installation. Cougar Mountain Software is expanding our technical support to include the following services:

Make us your support team

Learn about the additional IT services we offer within your existing support hours contract.


Setup, install software, configure and troubleshoot your printer.
Set up IP addresses, configure machines, troubleshoot slow/sluggish networks, and router maintenance/configuration.
Install new or manage existing antivirus software, scan and remove potential threats, and perform malware/spyware scan.
Shared Drives
Set up shared drives and folders with restricted access to certain users.
Offer insight on cloud based backup software and help with initial setup, data transfer, and active monitoring of Cougar iVault.
Computer Maintenance
Tune PCs, perform disk cleanup and defragmenting. remove old or outdated programs, install windows updates, and assist with password resets/generating secure passwords.
Unattended Access
Always-on support for ease of access.
Install new software, and help with software patches and software upgrades.
Not sure what the problem is? We can figure it out for you.

Pro-tip: if you don’t already have a dedicated, in-house IT team we would love to audition for the job.

Cougar Mountain Software develops leading on-premises accounting solutions. Our hallmark software, DENALI, is specifically designed to scale to clients’ needs while maintaining an unbreakable audit trail.