Inventory Software

Manage and track products and services

DENALI’s Inventory software manages and tracks products and services, and maintains detailed records of items you purchase and sell. With several tracking, pricing, and grouping options to meet the needs of your business, the Inventory module can help identify sales trends and inventory movement to increase revenue and prevent lost revenue. See our Multi-Location Inventory add-on for inventory control in multiple locations.

inventoryDenali integrates inventory data with sales data to offer a strong inventory management solution. It gives you the information you need to make purchasing decisions based on fact, not feeling.

Cougar Mountain is completely modularized and you buy only the modules that your business needs. There are 9 accounting modules to choose from. For instance, add Payroll if you wish to cut your own payroll and taxes, or include Accounts Receivable if you need to manage customer statements.

The Inventory module lets you:

  • Make global price changes that let you select a range of stock numbers and increase or decrease their prices globally.
  • Import stock items from external files into Inventory.
  • Keep notes for adjustment transactions and stock items that you can view in Sales.
  • Use Multi-Location Inventory to track inventory at multiple locations from a single system; monitor, transfer, and reorder stock to meet demand.
  • Store and view bar code numbers, stocking codes, bin location, and warehouse location for each inventory item.

Inventory helps you identify:

  • Which items have the greatest effect on cash flow
  • What effect sales or other promotions have on inventory levels
  • Which complimentary items should be sold as bundles
  • How vendors are performing in terms of delivery of inventory on time and at the best price

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