Integrated Accounting Software

DENALI is a Modular Accounting System

Integrated Accounting SoftwareWe sell DENALI modularly so you purchase only what you need. Each module (such as Accounts Payable) integrates with the others. When you enter information or post a transaction in one module, DENALI automatically communicates the data to the integrated module(s), eliminating extra work or duplication. Eliminate human error in your accounting system with seamless module integration.

DENALI is smart, easy, and less expensive than competitors in its class. And did we mention the highest rated? See our Awards and Recognitions.

Learn more about our Integrated Accounting Modules:

Accounts Payable – our Accounts Payable software is easy to use and provides everything you need to manage vendors and payments.

Accounts Receivable – our Accounts Receivable software allows you to track your customer transactions over time and retain a history of customer charges, payments, notes, and more.

Bank Reconciliation – our Bank Reconciliation module matches your financial records with the bank’s list of transactions, and reconciles bank statements to actual checks and deposits.

General Ledger – our General Ledger module is the core source of information regarding the financial health of your business. The General Ledger is where you create accounts, budgets, and make journal entries.

Inventory – our Inventory module manages and tracks products and services and maintains detailed records of items you purchase and sell. With several tracking, pricing, and grouping options to meet the needs of your business, the Inventory module can help identify sales trends and inventory movement to prevent lost revenue.

Order Entry – our Order Entry module helps you track and manage your sales activities. Also referred to as “back office software” because it is software designed for entering orders in the back office.

Payroll – our in-house payroll solution for almost any pay type. It automatically calculates all taxes, benefits, deductions – even from multiple states. 

Point of Sale – Our Point of Sale software simplifies the entire sales process, from entering the sale, to tracking and managing inventory. 

Purchase Order – our Purchase Order module lets you easily manage purchase orders, invoicing, manage your vendor as well as view the history.

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