Accounts Payable Software

Easily Manage Vendors and Bills

DENALI’s Accounts Payable software is easy to use and provides everything you need to manage vendors and payments. Save time and minimize human error with our Accounts Payable module.


Cougar Mountain is completely modularized and you buy only the modules that your business needs. There are 9 accounting modules to choose from. For instance, add Payroll if you wish to cut your own payroll and taxes, or include Inventory if you have to track stock.

With Accounts Payable you can:

  • Track due dates
  • Generate payments
  • Print checks
  • Allocate expenses
  • Create, organize, and track vendors
  • Enter and pay bills from vendors
  • Set up recurring bills

Track vendors to help make informed purchasing decisions

  • Search a vendor’s history by reference number, transaction date, or due date.
  • Set up default general ledger expense accounts for each vendor.
  • Print a Vendor Master List for vendor account details.
  • Merge two vendors and maintain their full histories.
  • Renumber vendors and maintain their full histories.
  • Search and sort vendors by telephone number.

Generating Checks & Reporting

  • Record handwritten checks when you enter bills or generate checks when you pay bills.
  • Use the drill-down feature to save time when you print an Accounts Payable History Report, Payment to Invoice Report, or Invoice to Payment Report specific to the time period you wish to print.
  • Print a Dated Invoice/Payment Report to show the amount of open items as of a specified date.
  • Print 1099 Misc. and 1099 Magnetic Media for contract labor.
  • Prepare a check register of all payment transactions for quick payment auditing.
  • Maintain month-end balances of total payments, credits, and debits.

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