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March 2014

Cougar Mountain Software Denali Point of Sale from CPA Practice Advisor

4.75 rating from CPA Practice AdvisorIn business for over 30 years, Cougar Mountain Software has remained a strong player in the software arena, providing targeted software solutions to small and mid-sized businesses.  The Denali line of software products continues that trend, offering a solid point of sale product that can be utilized by specialty retailers of just about any size.

Best Fit:  With the addition of three versions of its software, Cougar Mountain can prove to be a good fit with its traditional audience of small to mid-sized businesses as well as larger specialty retailers.

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September 2013

DENALI Point of Sale – 4.68 Stars from CPA Practice Advisor

4.75 rating from CPA Practice AdvisorBest Fit: Traditionally Cougar Mountain Software has been a better fit with small to mid-sized businesses, but its expanded, updated point of sale software that is available in three distinct versions make this product a good fit for specialty retailers of just about any size.

Cougar Mountain Software has been providing targeted business solutions to small and mid-sized businesses since 1982. With the creation of the Denali line of products, Cougar Mountain Software is now able to offer its excellent point of sale product to not just their target audience, but to larger specialty retail businesses as well.

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April 2013

DENALI Business Accounting

Denali accounting software from Cougar Mountain is truly scalable. It manages an unlimited amount of inventory and concurrent users, and you can add modules as your business grows. Denali rolls in credit card processing and offers unlimited reporting options. Cougar Mountain does not outsource support, and they offer onsite training/implementation.

Cougar Mountain’s DENALI is ideal for small to mid-size non-profits, retailers and wholesalers. The company offers a powerful inventory module, integrated payroll options, compatible POS software and hardware, and payment processing. The software is developed following Generally Accepted Accounting Practices (GAAP) and produces reports needed for tax preparations.

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October 2012

DENALI Nonprofit – 4 3/4 stars from CPA Practice Advisor

Denali, from Cougar Mountain is a good fit for small to mid-sized nonprofit organizations that manage multiple funds and need solid, customizable software at an affordable price. It is a completely integrated financial system that offers complete fund accounting for nonprofits managing multiple funds. Denali FUND + Accounting is an excellent product designed for the small-to mid-sized nonprofit.

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August 2011

CMS Professional 2012 Payroll 4 Stars – CPA Practice Advisor

Steven M. Phelan wrote “CMS Professional Payroll offers an easy-to-navigate interface and a number of customization options to provide everything businesses need to efficiently pay employees and manage taxes.”

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July 2011

DENALI Retail+POS Received 4 ½ Stars from CPA Practice Advisor

CPA Practice Advisor’s August 2011 issue featured a review of Point of Sale Systems and they awarded DENALI 4 ½ out of 5 stars. This review compared DENALI with popular competitors Sage, Intuit and InfoTouch and we are proud to announce that we tied or received a better rating with each of those big named brands.

Reviewer Mary Girsch-Bock wrote, “While still an excellent selection for small to midsized retail businesses, Denali is also powerful enough to appeal to larger, multi-location stores with more complex needs.” Also noting some of DENALI’s strengths:

  • Modular design allows users to choose the modules they need
  • Intuitive user interface & color-coded modules simplify system navigation
  • Excellent reporting options built using Crystal Reports
  • Supports e-Commerce functionality
  • Excellent customer tracking

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April 2011

DENALI Receives Top Honors from CPA Practice Advisor

DENALI received top honors in The CPA Practice Advisors’ 2011 Review of On-Premises Small Business Accounting Systems. The review covered Basic System Functions, Day-To-Day Operations, and Executive Summary & Pricing. Cougar Mountain Software received 4 ¾ stars out of 5, highest in its class.

Mary Girsch-Bock wrote, “With solid accounting functionality as well as specialty products available for retailers, and a Fund accounting module to be released at the end of April, DENALI definitely moves Cougar Mountain Software into the big leagues.”

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February 2011

DENALI Reviewed in Accounting Today

Accounting Today featured a packaged accounting application review in their February issue; “Making the next step: Mid-range accounting packages offer more capabilities for more users”, and Cougar Mountain Software’s DENALI 3.0 was included.

Ted Needleman wrote, Navigation is attractive and easy to follow, with flow charts for general system task flow and buttons on a top tool bar to select individual applications. There’s also a task panel on the left side of the screen that brings up different flowchart views.”

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November 2010

CMS Professional 2011 FUND Receives 4 ¾ Stars from The CPA Technology Advisor

The November 2010 issue of The CPA Technology Advisor included the 2010 Review of Not-For-Profit Accounting Systems, where Cougar Mountain Software received 4 ¾ stars. The review covered six criteria: Basic System Functions, Core NFP/Fund Acctg Features, Management Features, Financial Statements & Reporting, Import/Export/Integration, Help/Support, and CMS received outstanding scores in each area.

Mary Girsch-Bock wrote, “CMS Professional 2011 FUND is an excellent product for small to mid-sized nonprofits. It’s extremely scalable and allows organizations to scale up to a product that will suit their organizational needs, now and in the future.”

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September 2010

Point-of-Sale Receives 4.5 Stars from The CPA Technology Advisor

The CPA Technology Advisor published its review of “Retail Point-of-Sale Systems” in their September issue and CMS Professional 2011 POS received 4.5 stars. The review covered six areas: Basic System Functions, Specialized Features/Services, Tracking/Reporting, Integration/Import/Export, Help/Support and Summary & Pricing.

Mary Girsch-Bock wrote, “Cougar Mountain Software (CMS) continues to be a staple for the small business owner. The Point-of-Sale module inside of CMS Professional 2011 POS software package is designed to not only work in tandem with the core accounting suite, but can function as a standalone POS software package (including Inventory).”

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September 2010

CMS Professional Payroll Reviewed by The CPA Technology Advisor

The CPA Technology Advisor reviewed CMS Professional 2011 Payroll in their September “2010 Review of Professional Payroll Systems” and awarded us 4.5 stars. The review covered six areas: Basic System Functions, Reporting & Monitoring, Integration/Import/Export, Help/Support, Client Self-Service Features and Summary & Pricing.

Isaac M. O’Bannon wrote, “CMS Professional 2011 Payroll provides a comprehensive payroll management solution best suited to small and mid-sized enterprises who manage the functions in-house.”

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May 2010

FUND Nonprofit Review in & Accounting Today

Dave McClure reviewed our CMS Professional 2010 FUND in Accounting Today’s, May 2010, “NFP accounting: Better than Ever, New regs, expectations place greater demands on nonprofit apps” article, also published on WebCPA’s website. The review focused on eight leading FUND accounting software developers, and how they have dealt with the new regulations that have been placed upon nonprofits over the past two years, including the redesign of the IRS Form 990.

Dave wrote of our FUND Suite, “a wealth of flexible tools that will fit the needs of almost any size or configuration of nonprofit”.

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April 2010

CMS Professional 2010 is Awarded 5 Stars from The CPA Technology Advisor

The CPA Technology Advisor awarded Cougar Mountain Software another 5 star review for CMS Professional 2010; the ONLY company receiving a perfect 5 star rating.

The 2010 Review of Small Business Accounting Systems was changed this year, focusing on products that are installed on users’ computers only, and cost no more than $5,500 for the core accounting system. New categories were also created so that the review was easier to understand.

Mary Girsch-Bock wrote, “CMS Professional 2010 is ideal for small to mid-sized businesses that desire a feature-rich environment at a very reasonable price. With an extensive array of add-on modules, as well as the availability of the more powerful DENALI system for future system upgrading, users will never outgrow this vendor’s powerful product line.”

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November 2009

FUND Receives 5 Stars in CPA Technology Advisor

The November 2009 issue of The CPA Technology Advisor reviewed “Not-for-Profit Accounting Systems”. This review covered Ease of Use/Flexibility, Modules/Scalability, Features/Functionality, Reporting Support/Help and Relative Value. Cougar Mountain Software excelled in all areas and received the top award for this review – 5 Stars.

Mary Girsch-Bock wrote, CMS 2010 FUND is an excellent choice for small and growing nonprofits that need the flexibility, scalability and affordability that the vendor continues to offer”.

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September 2009

Point of Sale Receives 5 Stars in CPA Technology Advisor

The CPA Technology Advisor awarded Cougar Mountain Software another 5 Star Review for our CMS Professional 2010 Point of Sale in their September, 2009 Point of Sale Systems review. The review covered ease of use, modules/scalability, features/functionality, integration, tracking/reporting and relative value.

Mary Girsch-Bock wrote, “CMS Professional 2010 POS is ideally suited for mid-sized businesses that require a strong front/back office presence and a powerful inventory management system.”

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September 2009

Payroll Software Review from CPA Technology Advisor

“CMS Professional Payroll is an in-house live payroll application for small and mid-sized businesses that can be used in conjunction with Cougar Mountain Software’s DENALI and CMS Professional full accounting suites, or run as a stand-alone program. Although primarily geared for use by businesses, the system can support employers or companies with any number of employees in each, which also makes it a viable system for payroll professionals serving multiple businesses.”

Read all of Isaac M. O’Bannon’s “Professional Payroll Programs” review.

July 2009

Job Cost Receives 4 1/2 Stars from CPA Technology Advisor

CPA Technology Advisor awarded Cougar Mountain Software’s Job Cost Module 4.5 Stars in their July review of Construction/Contractor Accounting Systems.

Isaac M. O’Bannon wrote, “Cougar Mountain’s CMS Professional Accounting is a mid-range business accounting suite anchored around a GL, with available modules for AR, AP, Inventory, Payroll, Point-of-Sale, Bank Reconciliation, Sales and Purchase Orders. The system’s Job Cost module used with the CMS Professional suite, offers direct integration with other program modules, providing management capabilities for tracking costs, productivity and project/job status.”

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June 2009

CMS Professional 2009 is Awarded 5 Stars From CPA Technology Advisor

The CPA Technology Advisor has awarded Cougar Mountain Software with ANOTHER 5 Stars. This June review covered Tier II Accounting Software (over $1000). The review ranked each Tier II accounting software on; core accounting/security functions, reporting and management functions, import/export and integration, help and support and relative value. Cougar Mountain Software is the only accounting software to receive a perfect score in all 5 areas.

Mary Girsch-Bock wrote, “CMS Professional 2009 Accounting from Cougar Mountain Software is ideally suited to small to mid-sized businesses looking for a step above off-the-shelf accounting programs. With its modular structure and numerous add-on programs, CMS Professional is well suited for growing businesses”.

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May 2009

FUND Nonprofit Review by WebCPA

“Cougar Mountain Software has been offering accounting software for more than two decades. Its nonprofit software was one of the first products out the door, and the vendor’s POS applications are highly regarded. This makes CMS Professional Fund a good choice for small and midsized NFPs that have a retail component, such as an outlet or Internet store.

Where CMS Professional Fund is particularly strong is in its ability to handle sales and inventory, an important feature for those NFPs that operate in these areas. This is largely accomplished through add-on optional modules – the POS module, and the Fund Revenue Center.”

Read Ted Needleman’s CMS Professional FUND review.


December 2008

FUND Nonprofit is Awarded 5 Stars by CPA Technology Advisor

Cougar Mountain Software starts 2009 on top with ANOTHER 5 Star Review from CPA Technology Advisor. This award goes to our CMS Professional FUND software. The review highlights Not-For-Profit Accounting Software and praises CMS Professional FUND software for its ease of use, multiple features and value.

Anna M Sheets writes, “Cougar Mountain Software offers CMS FUND for Nonprofits as part of its CMS Professional 2009 lineup. As the vendor’s flagship product with over 25 years of experience serving small and mid-sized organizations, CMS FUND continues to expand its comprehensive account-ing system with many specialty tools for nonprofit users.

Read our 5-Star Review in full from CPA Technology Advisor’s January 2009 issue.

December 2008

CMS Professional 2009 Listed on WebCPA’s Top 100 Products List

“With a full range of fully integrated modules and features, CMS Professional Accounting includes multi-tiered security settings that safeguard accounting data and prevent fraud. Recent enhancements include a free, limited version of PDFBlaster Lite to convert statements and documents into PDF files, the ability to assign lot numbers for inventory tracking, the ability to view certain outstanding balances by filtering aging periods, and custom modification of the software.”

See the complete Top 100 Product List

October 2008

POS Retail Awarded 5 Stars from CPA Technology Advisor

CPA Technology Advisor awarded CMS Professional Point of Sale 5 Stars in their October 2008 review of Point of Sale Systems. The ranking was based on five areas; Ease of Use, Scalability, Functionality, Integration and Relative Value. Cougar Mountain received the highest ranking in all areas.

“CMS Professional POS is an ideal fit for smaller retailers that desire a complete front/back office integrated system. Although available to be purchased as a stand-alone product, CMS Professional POS operates at a higher level of efficiency when used with CMS accounting products.”

Read this 5-Star Review in full from CPA Technology Advisor’s October 2008 issue.

September 2008

CPA Technology Advisor: Mid-Range Accounting

CMS Professional 2009 gets a 5-Star Review.

“CMS Professional from Cougar Mountain Software is aimed at mid-sized companies looking to upgrade from basic accounting software. The program is offered in various packages to suit different needs….CMS Professional is an excellent system geared towards mid-sized businesses looking for an easy-to-use product that provides a good depth of features that may be lacking in their current entry-level product….The product is available up to a 250-user system so it can easily grow with an organization.”

Read this 5-Star Review in full from CPA Technology Advisor’s September 2008 issue.

May 2008

Accounting Today

“The CMS Fund Accounting Suite provides an effective balance of economy and functionality, particularly for smaller enterprises that need to be able to scale up as they grow. Where Cougar Mountain Software’s product excels, though, is in its exceptional reporting systems and its ability to easily handle nonprofit organizations that manage multiple funds — each with their own calendars, accounting, reporting structures and financial management requirements. In this arena, CMS leads the field.”

Read the rest of Dave McClure’s review from the pages of Accounting Today magazine.

April/May 2008

CPA Technology Advisor

“An excellent accounting product. . . the job cost module does an admirable job of effectively tracking costs for all jobs entered into the system. . . While Cougar Mountain Software Professional is not specifically designed for the construction industry, it will be a good fit for smaller construction and contracting companies that are looking for an excellent financial management software product with job costing capabilities.”

Visit CPA Technology Advisor to read the rest of Mary Girsch-Bock’s review of Cougar Mountain’s Job Cost module.

March 2008

NonProfit Technology News

“CMS Fund is a versatile, multi-functional system that can handle all your non-profit basic accounting needs. The application itself is easy to use and can handle multiple accounts. The thing that makes CMS Fund stand out from the rest is its customer service and Software Assurance Program. The associates at CMS Fund are friendly, well trained and prompt in assisting you and handling your requests.”

Read more of Karen Corey’s review of CMS Professional FUND.

January 2008

Accounting Today Magazine

“DENALI is affordable enough to be a client’s initial system, and will scale up without any more trouble than purchasing additional user licenses. That’s perfect for a start-up that’s expected to grow rapidly.”

Read more of Ted Needlemans’s review from Accounting Today Magazine.


December 2007

Accounting Technology Magazine

“Unique to Cougar Mountain is the availability of a wide variety of add-ons to increase functionality. Because organizations undergo constant change, it’s important to have software that can expand. Modules are available for point-of-sale processing (cash registers), fixed assets and payroll tax reporting.”

Read more of Wayne Schultz’s review from Accounting Technology Magazine.

November 2007

CPA Technology Advisor

CMS Professional POS

“CMS Professional POS is ideal for small to midsize retailers that will benefit from a fully integrated system. . . CMS Professional POS is ideally suited for small to midsize specialty stores. While not suited for high-volume transaction processing, CMS Professional POS would work well in a mixed use environment, such as gift and specialty stores. Full integration with CMS Professional Accounting provides both front and back office functionality.”

CMS Professional POS gets 5 stars

October 2007

CPA Technology Advisor


“This new release contains numerous upgrades and enhancements throughout the system. . . Reasonable pricing puts Cougar Mountain’s FUND Suite within reach of most small to midsize nonprofit organizations. . . Cougar Mountain Software FUND Suite is an excellent choice for small to midsize nonprofit organizations that desire a strong financial system with good nonprofit accounting capability.”

CMS FUND Suite gets 5 stars

September 2007

CPA Technology Advisor

CMS Professional Accounting

“Cougar Mountain continues to add industry-specific modules and functionality to its strong core accounting program, increasing its value in the process. Excellent point-of-sale, job costing and inventory modules make Cougar Mountain Accounting Professional an excellent choice for retailers, contractors and those looking for a powerful system in an easy-to-use package.”

CMS Professional Accounting gets 5 stars

September 2007

CPA Technology Advisor

“Professionals and clients already using a Cougar Mountain accounting system, or those considering a move, are the ones most likely to benefit from the system, especially through the integration and the system’s outstanding job costing and departmentalized payroll functions. The system also provides great support for multiple pay types and deductions, as well as benefits management.”

CMS Professional Payroll gets 4 stars

July 2007

Journal of Accountancy

NPO Software Measures Up

“Cougar Mountain has developed a powerful interactive help program to guide the user through setup.”

Read the rest of Dr. Roberta Jones’ advice on selecting nonprofit software.

May 2007

Practical Accountant

“Cougar Mountain’s Version 11 release of its CMS Professional Accounting Lineup includes a host of new features and specialized tools, including the ability to access custom reports from within software, quicker access to frequently used reports, links to open other programs or files, increased security via user IDs and batch numbers, audit trail search capabilities, improved register security, default search features, PO alert, and new reporting date range and sales tax report options, among other features.”

Read more of Jeff Stimpson’s advice on accounting software.

May 2007

Accounting Today

“The Cougar Mountain Fund Suite is designed specifically for the nonprofit or government organization that manages multiple funds across multiple fund years, with allocation of costs across funds. Long a popular choice for smaller organizations, the CMS strategy of strong accounting functionality with a growing list of expansion modules is building a strong following in the mid-range nonprofit markets as well.”

Read more of Dave McClure’s advice on FUND software.

April 2007

CPA Technology Advisor

“Updates in the latest version include faster access to reports, the addition of an audit trail search capability, better system security and a purchase order alert. . . It does feature strong accounting functionality and a job cost module that would suit the needs of small construction companies very well.”

Cougar Mountain Professional Accounting receives 4 1/2 stars

April 2007

Nonprofit Technology News

“Cougar Mountain’s FUND Suite of software applications offers a complete set of programs to address a wide range of needs for the nonprofit organization. . . As with most fund accounting systems, the FUNDS Suite can also automatically create the necessary due-to/due from accounting transactions that properly track transfers between funds. . . It includes all the components necessary to handle a small to medium sized nonprofit’s accounting.”

Nonprofit Technology News Review


November 2006 CPA Technology AdvisorCMS Point of Sale receives 5 stars


October 2006

CPA MagazineTop Five Not-for-Profit Software PackagesCMS FUND Suite
October 2006 The CPA Technology Advisor *CMS FUND Suite receives 5 stars
September 2006 The CPA Technology Advisor *DENALI Accounting receives 4 1/2 stars
September 2006 The CPA Technology Advisor *Cougar Mountain Payroll receives 4 stars
May 2006 Web CPA - CMS Professional Accounting
April/May 2006 The CPA Technology Advisor *Cougar Mountain Job Cost receives 4 1/2 stars


November 2005 The CPA Technology AdvisorPoint of Sale Software – DENALI receives 4 1/2 stars
October 2005 The CPA Technology AdvisorCougar Mountain FUND receives 5 Stars for Not-for-Profit Software
September 2005 The CPA Technology AdvisorCougar Mountain Accounting receives 4 1/2 Stars for Mid-Range Accounting
September 2005 The CPA Technology AdvisorCougar Mountain Payroll receives 4 Stars
May 2005 The CPA Technology AdvisorCougar Mountain Job Cost receives 4 1/2 Stars


December 2004 Accounting Today Top 100 Products
December 2004 The CPA Technology AdvisorCougar Mountain Point of Sale Software receives 4 Stars
October 2004 The CPA Technology Advisor *FUND Accounting for Windows® receives 5 Stars for Not-For-Profit Software
August 2004 The CPA Technology Advisor *Cougar Mountain Accounting receives 4 1/2 Stars for Mid-Range Accounting
May 2004 The CPA Technology AdvisorCougar Mountain Job Cost Software receives 4 1/2 Stars

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