Our sales professionals are true business and accounting experts, here to help you select the right accounting solution for your company. And it doesn't stop at sales. Their job is to ensure our accounting solutions continue to meet your company's needs through the years and growth of your business.

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No more getting passed around or routed to an off-site call center. You get the experts from the beginning.

Thank you Kelly, Cody, Ann, Mary, Tina, Mark, Mike, Jim and especially you Kristine for all your wonderful help and support. You guys are the best and make me glad everyday that I selected your company.

With much gratitude,

Mary Kranig
Far East Equipment

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Try our award-winning accounting software, any accounting module or feature. Access DENALI through your web browser. No software to install.

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Cougar Mountain has been making accounting software for over 30 years - our latest generation is called Denali.

Based in the Northwest United States, with on-site technical support.

Ideas and Feedback are always appreciated.

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