Inventory Reports

DENALI's Inventory reports combine information from inventory master records with posted cost/quantity information to provide a powerful way to maintain control over your inventory. See sample reports at bottom of page.


Stock Quantity Reports

Quick Stock List: Shows a complete list of all stock items in Inventory.
Stock Labels: Print stock labels directly on readily-available label stock for any or all inventory items.
Master Stock Report: Shows all information from the Master table for the selected stock items.
Physical Count Worksheet: Shows the quantity on hand for selected inventory so you can note any discrepancies between physical and DENALI counts.
On Hand Report: Provides cost and quantity information about all inventory on hand.
Understock Report: Shows the minimum acceptable levels of inventory and the required quantities needed to return inventory to the predetermined levels.
Overstock Report: Shows maximum acceptable levels of inventory and the quantity by which an inventory item exceeds this level.
On Order Report: Shows the last order date and quantity on order for all items.
Back Order Report: Shows the quantities on order and back order for all items.
Kit Reports: Indicates how many of each component is required to build a specified number of kits, how many kits can be assembled with the components on hand, and what each kit costs to assemble.


Stock Value Reports

Price Book Report: Shows both the quantity on hand and the various pricing breaks for each inventory stock item.

Stock Value Report: Reads the cost and quantity information for each stock item and shows a total dollar value of inventory for the current period.

Control Report: Shows the total number of items on hand and the book value of each of those items for all Inventory Codes. 

Transaction Reports

History Report: Shows a brief history of each stock item you carry.

Movement Report: Provides an indication of how fast inventory items are selling.

Monthly Movement Report: Allows you to monitor your inventory movement on a monthly basis to gain insight into what is selling.

Promotional Sales Report: Allows you to evaluate your special sales promotions. 

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